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Lesbos Holidays

Lesbos Holidays

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Known as the Emerald Island, Lesbos is a stunning Greek island consisting of mountains, hot springs, breathtaking unspoilt beaches, lush pine forests and rolling olive groves.

The third largest Greek island, Lesbos measures approximately 630 square miles and with many resorts dotted around the coast with amazing beaches and charming villages and towns, you will find the perfect location for your holiday in Lesbos.

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Lesbos Weather

The summer season in Lesbos begins during May and finishes in October. During the peak summer months of July and August the temperatures reach 35°C to 40°C. Earlier in the season, in May and June the temperatures range from 20°C to 24°C. In July you will find an amazing 14 hours of sunshine in a day, May will have approximately 10 hours and October will be approximately 7 hours.

The winters in Lesbos stay quite hot however they are the island's rainy season. The average temperature in December is 12°C and 10 in January and February.

Many Greek islands are known to become ghost towns in the winter, however Lesbos is a larger island than others and so many places remain open during the winter.

Jan 10ºC
Feb 12ºC
Mar 14ºC
Apr 19ºC
May 23ºC
Jun 26ºC
Jul 30ºC
Aug 30ºC
Sep 24ºC
Oct 20ºC
Nov 16ºC
Dec 12ºC

Things To Do on Lesbos Holidays

The fortress town at Molyvos is argued by many to be one of the beautiful towns in Greece, with a vibrant cultural centre boasting magnificent traditional architecture, a hill top fort which is lit up at night and a charming harbor. You will also find welcoming tavernas, restaurants, bars and shops to keep you occupied during your visit.

The town of Kalloni is a popular location to visit when on the island of Lesbos. Animal lovers will be fascinated in the islands bird watching centre where you can search for numerous species of migrant birds in early spring. Young families enjoy the shallow waters of the beach in Kalloni and the number of restaurants and gift shops on the beach front and the busy village harbor makes this small town a great place to spend the day!

The Petrified Forest in Lesbos is the largest in the world. The winding road north of Erossos takes you through lunar like landscapes to this amazing fossil collection. This forest is actually much larger then the more famous petrified forest in Arizona but is not as well advertised or maintained. Covering several km the trees were preserved when they were covered by volcanic ash from nearby Mount Ordymnos 20 million years ago.

There are many thermal springs in Lesbos including Thermi, Gulf of Gera, Skala Loutra and Polichnotis which are all thought to be able to treat ailments such as rheumatism, arthritis and sciatica.

If you are looking for a fantastic beach holiday then you won't be disappointed in Lesbos. The Skala Eressos is a 3km stretch of golden sand, clear water, watersports and seafront tavernas. On the north coast, you can enjoy Anaxos and Petra which are both long sandy beaches with friendly and welcoming Greek traditional tavernas nearby to enjoy.

Molyvos and Mytelini are the best places to go if you want to go shopping with an extensive range of jewellery shops, fashion shops, boutiques, art galleries and antiques shops to choose from.

If you are looking to buy souveniers from your Lesbos holiday you will fnd locally produced ceramics, jewellery, honey and ofcourse olive oil and bottles of the popular ouzo.


Lesbos can offer a nightlife to suit all tastes. In the capital you will find a busy and hectic night with a large amount of bars, discos and nightclubs. However if you want a quieter evening, then the tavernas and restaurants in the costal resorts will offer you a relaxed atmosphere and stunning views of the sea and sunset as you eat and drink.

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