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Splash or pass?

Obviously splash. Sometimes a regular dunk in the pool just doesn't cut it. And by sometimes, we mean always. If you ask us - when it comes to waterslides, the bigger the better. We'll take all the twisting, turning, splishing and sploshing we can get. Keeps us happy and the kids'll be entertained for hours. Sorted.

And even if you're not about that waterslide life, there's still always the very important and absolutely crucial role of Bag Watcher up for grabs. Perfect for when you'd rather top up your tan, and with everyone else busy, you can do it in peace. See? Waterparks do keep everyone happy.

Our favourite hotels with waterparks

Asking the difference between a standard pool and a waterpark is like asking the difference between plain and stuffed-crust pizza. One's just better. Sure, you can (try to) elegantly climb down the steps, or even dive-bomb into the water if you fancy (which Sun Lounger Sandra might not be too thrilled about). But wouldn't you rather make a more exciting entrance, in a place where the 'regular' swimmers are the ones getting the funny looks? A place where the bigger the splash, the better? And sure, there are usually splash parks and lazy rivers for the kids, yadda yadda, but let's get to what you *really* care about. The massive, twisting tube slides and water rides that make your stomach turn, because waterparks aren't JUST for kids. We've got loads of hotels with waterparks right on site, and they all get a big thumbs up from us and the guy at the top who tells you when to go.

Hotels with waterparks in Spain

Holidays to Spain might be seen as 'standard' (personally, we prefer the term classic) - but believe us when we say that there's nothing standard about the waterparks at these hotels. You can kiss goodbye to tame little slides and wave a big beachy HELLO to corkscrews and tube slides that'll have you questioning whether that second ice cream after lunch was a good idea. (Of course it was.)

Hotel Highlight

Eftalia Splash Resort - Alanya, Antalya

We approve of any hotel that has 'splash' in the name, and this place really lives up to the title. Kids love it. Adults love it (we tried and tested it). It's got slides in every size, shape and form, which means both the big kids (*cough* Dad) and the little kids will be happy. Just don't go on the twisty-turny yellow one straight after lunch, yeah?

Eftalia Splash Resort is our hotel highlight, with deposits from £30pp (restrictions apply). Take advantage of our wonderful product offer and payment plans to get your next sunny beach break.

Hotels with waterparks in Turkey

Turkey hotels do waterparks like Spain does tapas. They just do it right. There's nothing small or discreet about it. You won't find a few measly waterslides tucked away in a corner, there for you to take or leave. When it comes to Turkey holidays, waterparks are the *main character*. Crane your neck far enough, and you'll probably be able to spot the tip of the tallest slide from the transfer up to the hotel. That's how big we're talking. Well, these showstoppers are no different, with all kinds of slides up their sleeve - including the cool spiral ones so you can finally see what it feels like to be a piña colada, swirling through a curly straw.

Hotels with waterparks in Greece

So Greece might not exactly be known for its waterparks, but we're not known for our New York holidays - doesn't mean we don't do 'em. The thing about holidays to Greece is, they just have the whole package. Good food? Uh - hello, it's the home of feta. Good views? Hello, it's sunset city. Good fun? Well, go for a slide down one of these bad boys and then let us know if it was a good time. But we're pretty sure we know the answer.

All-inclusive waterpark holidays

Name a better type of holiday. We won't wait, 'cause this is it. All your drinks, snacks and meals included and a waterpark on your doorstep? Kind of a dangerous combo, but also the best combo. We've got loads of hotels where that came from, but we thought we'd ease you in by handpicking just a few of our faves. We're considerate like that. If you're looking for a holiday that's all bells, whistles, cocktails and waterslides, then these are some of the best hotels with waterparks to keep on your radar.

Long-haul waterpark holidays

These hotels might be a longer flight away, but once you get there you'll have a waterpark right on your doorstep, so it's kinda worth it. Plus, you can ditch the cooling mists and handheld fans. Hitting the slides and plunging into the pool is the only way we want to be cooling down, thank you. And yes - we might be a smidge too old for the Spongebob splash park at Nickelodeon Resort Riviera Maya, but you can't blame a beacher for tryin'.

Looking for something else?

If all that slippin' and sliding isn't really your vibe, maybe some of these holidays will tickle your fancy...

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