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Are you ready for a Caribbean adventure? Grab your sunglasses and flip-flops, because we're about to dive into the vibrant and laid-back world of Caribbean holidays. Get ready for sun-soaked beaches, exciting activities, mouth-watering food, and a whole lot of island charm. Let's take a whirlwind tour of this tropical paradise!

  • Jamaica: Reggae vibes, stunning waterfalls, and the legendary Bob Marley Museum.

  • Barbados: Pristine beaches, lively nightlife, and delicious rum cocktails.

  • Bahamas: Crystal-clear waters, swimming with dolphins, and the vibrant Junkanoo festival.

  • St. Lucia: Majestic Piton Mountains, lush rainforests, and relaxing hot springs.

  • Antigua: 365 beautiful beaches, snorkeling in turquoise waters, and historic Nelson's Dockyard.

  • Cayman Islands: World-class diving spots, swimming with stingrays, and Seven Mile Beach.

  • Aruba: Perfect weather all year round, breathtaking natural pools, and exciting water sports.

  • Grenada: Spice plantations, hidden waterfalls, and picturesque Grand Anse Beach.

  • Dominican Republic: Pristine beaches, exploring Santo Domingo's colonial charm, and zip-lining adventures.

  • Turks and Caicos: Powder-white sand beaches, snorkeling in the third-largest coral reef, and swimming with wild horses.

What are the best beaches in the Caribbean?

Ah, the beaches of the Caribbean! Picture yourself sinking your toes into the warm sand, listening to the gentle waves, and soaking up the sun. Here are a few must-visit beaches in the Caribbean:

  • Grace Bay Beach (Turks and Caicos): Crystal-clear waters and powdery sand that stretches for miles.

  • Seven Mile Beach (Cayman Islands): Soft white sand, calm turquoise waters, and stunning sunsets.

  • Pink Sands Beach (Bahamas): Famous for its pink-hued sand and tranquil atmosphere.

  • Eagle Beach (Aruba): A serene paradise with pristine sand and gentle breezes.

  • Shoal Bay Beach (Anguilla): An unspoiled gem with turquoise waters and vibrant marine life.

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Weather in Caribbean

Caribbean weather, where have you been all our life? If you're looking for temperatures that shimmy between 24-30°C all year round, the Caribbean's the place to be! If only the weather back in Blighty were the same!

But hold your horses, the weather in the Caribbean isn't just about sipping piña coladas in the sun. It's got its mysterious side too, you know. From June to November, the Caribbean struts into hurricane season, and those tropical storms do make an appearance.

Outside of hurricane season, the dry season takes centre stage from December to April. Perfect for exploring those colourful colonial towns or discovering hidden coves. And the rainy season? May to November, but it's nothing to get your swimsuit in a twist about. The showers are quick, and you'll be back on the beach before you can say "more rum, please!"

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How long does it take to fly to the Caribbean?

It takes about nine hours to fly to the Caribbean from the UK, although this can vary depending on your destination.

What’s the time difference between the UK and the Caribbean?

The majority of Caribbean destinations are 5 hours behind the UK, but different time zones apply so make sure to check your chosen destination.

What currency do they use in the Caribbean?

The Caribbean doesn't have a central currency, but the American dollar is accepted in many areas. Check the local information for your chosen destination, as local currencies include the Barbadian dollar, the Cuban peso and the East Caribbean dollar.

What language do they speak in the Caribbean?

There is no official language of the Caribbean, but many islands speak English, French, Spanish or Dutch. You are also likely to hear Creole and local dialects.