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Holidays in Sosua really do live up to the Caribbean stereotype. Temperatures average in the late twenties even in the winter, and reach into the thirties on a regular basis, meaning if you're looking for the perfect anecdote to the wet and windy British winter, then look no further. So pack your sun cream and get ready for a sun tan like no other!

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Jan 29ºC
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Feb 29ºC
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Mar 29ºC
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Apr 29ºC
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May 30ºC
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Jun 30ºC
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Jul 30ºC
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Oct 29ºC
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Dec 28ºC


Sosua is split into two regions: Los Charamicos in the west and El Batey in the east. Los Charmicos is populated more by Dominicans, and its roots as a fishing village still provide much of the livelihood today. El Batey has been developed more recently to accommodate tourism, and although many tourists visit for the beaches alone, there is landscape to be admired inland.

The wilder side of the Dominican landscape provides the perfect setting for a jeep safari, and a number of excursions like this allow tourists to view the less celebrated side of the island.

Things To Do on Sosua Holidays

Often visitors on holiday to Sosua are simply there for the beach. Not just any old beach however, but Sosua Beach, one of the Dominican Republic's best! Stretching about 1 km, this white sand heaven is sheltered by a cove and lined with breathtaking coral cliffs, perfect for any amateur photographer or just a family picnic. This is also the place to be for snorkeling and diving excursions, the still waters perfect for the beginner.

For the younger members of the party on holiday in Sosua, a trip to the Columbus Aquapark never goes unappreciated, and hiring out mountain bikes is often a fun and alternative way of taking the island. A trip into the local town will present you with a wide selection of locally owned bars and restaurants to choose from, and the locals are renowned for being welcoming!


The Dominican Republic's first recorded occupation came at the hands of the Tainio Indians, who controlled the island of Hispaniola (which the Dominican Republic shares with Haiti) until the arrival of Christopher Columbus and his Spanish fleet in 1492. The country remained relatively unknown and suffered at the hands of both French and English inteference, when finally it gained independence in 1884.

Sosua's more recent history however is a little different to that of the rest of the country, as it began to flourish after an influx of German and Austrian Jewish refugees around 1940. One of their achievements was to establish 'Productos Sosua,' a dairy and cheese farm still functioning today.

The Jewish presence is an important part of Sosua's culture, particularly in in the El Batey area, where there remains a synagogue and a museum well with a visit detailing how the European Jews came to be there. The other end of the town is a little more 'authentic', and it is here you are more likely to see the Dominican's at their most natural.

Often popular with tourists on Sosua holidays is the carnival season which hits the whole country around February, and the bright colours and vibrant atmosphere always proves a great evening's entertainment. Similarly is the annual Merengue festival, which honour the Dominican's favourite type of music, and is often best viewed in one of the local nightclubs for a real snapshot of the locals unwinding!


Sosua is often considered as one of the quieter resorts in the Dominican Republic, so those of you looking for a week of sleepless clubbing may not be completely satisfied. However, the western influences prominent throughout the area mean there are a number of smaller bars for you to relax in, and the restaurants give you the chance to sample some authentic Dominican cuisine, a lot of which is caught locally!

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