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A cobbled Old Town for the history buffs, activities for the kids and Blue Flag beaches for the sunseekers - Rhodes has something for everyone.

Destination highlights

  • Sunshine all year

  • Huge variety of beaches

  • Water sports haven

  • Amazing ancient history

What are the best beaches in Rhodes?

We’re not exaggerating when we say that this island has a beach for everyone - and a holiday for everyone, thanks to our cheap Rhodes jollies. From lively tourist hotspots to wild coastal caves, here’s a taste:

  • Faliraki Beach – One of the most popular on the island, because it ticks all the boxes! Great swimming, sunbathing spots, and plenty of bars nearby.

  • Tsambiki Beach –Lie back in the crystal-clear waters and take in the best of the coast: Golden sands, cliffs, and even a monastery on top of a mountain.

  • Agathi Beach - Warm, soft sands and calm shallow waters make this an ideal beach for your family holiday to Rhodes.

  • St Paul’s Beach - The perfect spot to get dramatic pics as the sun goes down, with spectacular views of the Lindos Acropolis.

  • Prassonissi Beach - This is where water sports fans come to watch and play amongst the strong coastal winds.

  • Anthony Quinn Bay - A piece of movie history, but famous in its own right for emerald waters that are great for snorkelling.

What are the top hotels in Rhodes?

The place you stay is just as special as the island itself on your Rhodes holidays, because the hotels combine modern flair with the pretty Greek style you see on postcards. These are some we just love:

  • Lindos Village Resort & Spa - The stunning views and gorgeous white decor of this deluxe adults-only hotel look like they’re lifted off the set of Mamma Mia!

  • Hotel Sunshine Rhodes - Loads of pools, activities, and nightly shows make this the perfect base for families who love to keep busy.

  • Eden Roc Resort Hotel - A foodie family’s dream, where you can enjoy nine restaurants in this fabulous five-star resort.

  • Evita Resort - A fab base for groups of friends, with modern and affordable rooms close to the Faliraki fun.

  • The Ixian Grand & All Suites - The ultimate Adult Only romantic getaway right on the beach, with lots of stylish rooms to choose from, including some with wheelchair access.

  • Mitsis Alila Resort & Spa - Stay close to the Faliraki action while feeling like a VIP with this five-star hotel’s private beach and champagne bar.

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Weather in Rhodes

























From June to September, Rhodes isn’t just showing up – it’s showing off. Temperatures are strutting their stuff between 25°C and 30°C. It’s the kind of weather that makes your sunglasses essential and sunscreen your BFF. Sun-kissed beaches? Check. Perfect tan? Oh, you bet.

October through May? Rhodes is all, "Let’s switch things up!" We’re talking milder vibes with temperatures doing a little dance between 12°C and 20°C. It’s cool but in that cosy, "let’s grab a Greek coffee and chat" kind of way. Fewer crowds mean you’ve got more of Rhodes to yourself. Score! ☕

So, here's the vibe: Rhodes weather is like that playlist that has just the right tune for every mood. Whether you’re vibing at Elli Beach or soaking in history in Old Town, Rhodes sets the tone. Pack those summer essentials or throw in a cosy cardigan for the cooler months. Rhodes is playing your song, and it’s a banger.

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How long does it take to fly to Rhodes?

It takes around four hours to fly from the UK mainland to Rhodes.

What's the time difference between the UK and Rhodes?

Rhodes is two hours ahead of the time in the UK.

What currency do they use in Rhodes?

The official currency of Rhodes is the Euro.

What language do they speak in Rhodes?

The official language spoken in Rhodes is Greek.