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Half Term Holidays

We get it. You probably need a break more than the little rascals do. So let's be real for a sec - would you rather be stuck at home, rummaging around for endless snacks and games, OR would you rather be by a pool somewhere, sunning yourself stupid while the entertainment team take care of all the...well, entertainment? Yeah. We thought so. You really don't need to be going through another round of Baby Shark, let's face it. Leave it to the pros. And - if you go for an all-inclusive hotel, you won't have to close your eyes and count to three every time the kids whine that they're hungry or thirsty. What else do you think buffets and self-serve drinks are for? And if your kiddos are a bit too old for all that mini club malarkey, that's what hotels with waterparks are for. That'll keep 'em quiet. Well, actually, it'll make them scream their lungs out, but they definitely won't be bored 🤷

Top half-term holiday hotels

Good news: Sex Education's been renewed for a new season on Netflix. Other good news: there's more than one half-term in a year, which means you can visit more than one of these hotels if you really fancy. Which you definitely will if loading your plate at the buffet, sending the kids off to colour-in and zip down waterslides, and bobbing your head to a bit of live music in the evening sounds up your street. And if it doesn't then...you OK? From good ol' Benidorm (not just for adults), to scorching Marrakech,, these hotels *definitely* trump a day at the UK seaside. No sandwich-stealing seagulls or mid-summer rainstorms here. Phew.

Why choose On the Beach for your next half-term holiday?

'Why wouldn't you choose On the Beach for your next half-term holiday?' would be a more suitable question, but we're probably a bit biased. We think we're really cool. But if you really want the juicy stuff - the reason we have so many happy customers is probably to do with our year-round holiday perks, our super-low deposits and the fact that we send over 1.5 million people to the beach every year - so you can book your half-term holiday with more confidence than Beyonce singing Run the World.

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Long haul half-term holidays

Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? SPONGEBOB SQUARE PANTS...and you. Well, you if you book a stay at Nickelodeon Hotels & Resorts in Punta Cana, that is. Everything's Nickelodeon-themed, even the rooms - including a Pineapple Villa. Well worth that long-haul flight. And if you're not afraid of spending a few extra hours on a plane, you can't go wrong with Florida. It's packed to the brim with restaurants, activities and theme parks (including Disneyland Universal Studios), so there's no chance of the kids getting bored, and the same goes for Centara Grand Mirage Beach Resort in Thailand with all its water rides, activity courses and chilled-out lounges.

All-inclusive half-term holidays

All-inclusive holidays make everything easier than your eggs at breakfast, and we're all about that. Making things easier, that is - not eggs at breakfast. Although we're totally about that too. Oh, and bacon. And cereal. And pancakes smothered in Nutella. What were we saying again? Oh yeah...all-inclusive holidays. Well, coincidentally, all that's a pretty standard breakfast plate for us after a trip to the buffet. That's the perk of going all-in - even the pickiest eaters are covered. Plus, you'll have all your entertainment included, and that cheeky post-dinner cocktail (or two). (Or three.) Cheers to that. 🍸

Half-term holidays to Greece

Greek holidays need no introduction, but we'll give them one anyway - otherwise this page would look a bit weird and our Marketing manager would shout at us. All we can say is, who doesn't love creamy feta, chilled-out beaches and swanky swimming pools? We can't think of anyone, and we don't want to. And before you get all but the kids don't care about that stuff - hold your sunhat. There'll still be plenty entertainment for the kiddos, and even a waterpark if you play your cards right. All that just a few hours' flight away? It's an absolute no-brainer if you're feeling freaky for Tzatziki.

Half-term holidays to Turkey

Basic hotels who? Not here. Turkey hotels are BIG on entertainment. We're talking jaw-dropping, hold-onto-your-sunhat kind of fun. Forget those snooze-fest hotels where the kids are always at a loose end - Turkey's got you well and truly covered, with huge outdoor amphitheatres, whopping waterparks and kids' clubs packed with more excitement than a Taylor Swift-themed Christmas party. So, if you feel like there aren't enough card games or colouring books in the world to keep your rascals entertained, that's where this place comes to the rescue. Oh, and if all that sounds more horrific than terrific, there's always a marina, beach or quirky old town to explore. Time to dust off your flip-flops and buy yourself some Factor 50, we think.

Half-term holidays to the Canary Islands

The Canaries are basically the land of eternal sunshine, which means it doesn't matter when you go, you can definitely leave the rain mac at home (and pack an extra pair of shades instead). These stunners have a bit of everything - from mindblowing waterparks to Insta-worthy beaches and more activities than you or the kids can shake a palm tree at. We know choosing somewhere for your holibobs is, like, really hard, which is why we've picked out some of the best of the best below. Ever eaten in a fairground-themed restaurant? Us neither, but you can bet your bottom dollar we're booking a stay at Bahia Principe Fantasia Tenerife so we can do just that. We've even thrown THB Tropical Island into the mix, with its adults-only Bali bed zone - perfect for a bit of downtime while the kids are off at the mini club making paper chains and finger-painting. Got to pass the time somehow.

Cheap half-term holidays

Budget-savvy beachers, we see you. We too love a good bargain - it's why we've got that 10p packet of out-of-date biscuits in the office at the moment. Don't worry, though - these holidays are definitely not out-of-date, and there are no stale custard creams to be found. We just do one better by offering you pick 'n' mix packages, so you can choose if you want to go all-inclusive so that everything's covered from the get-go, or go for something a bit more affordable and laidback - like half board or self-catering. And - because we're more flexible than a contortionist doing beach yoga - we've got flexible payment plans so you can pay your way - in one lump sum or in bite-sized instalments. Always looking out for ya.

Hotel Highlight

Granada Luxury Belek Hotel - Belek, Antalya

We can't get enough of this place. The adults love it. The kiddos think it's the bomb-diggity (which we think means good). We suppose that's what you get with a hotel that has it all - from waterslides and pools so big you need a boat to get around, to an on-site chocolatier that made our taste buds do one big happy dance. Count. Us. In.

Granada Luxury Belek is our hotel highlight, with deposits from £30pp (restrictions apply). Take advantage of our wonderful product offer and payment plans to get your next sunny beach break.

More holiday inspiration

Looking for *even* more holiday inspiration? Don't worry, we know. All these absolute banger hotels are hard to choose from so we've pulled together even more page guides to help you whittle them down and book your next half-term holiday (and even the one after that...!).