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Summer Holidays

Respectfully, UK summers can take a long walk off a short pier. One day of measly sunshine and then calling it quits? If we pulled that stunt at work, the Big Boss would have something to say about it. And don't even get us started on those pebbly beaches that leave you imprinted in places you'd rather they didn't, and the constant chance of rain that has you lugging your umbrella everywhere because 'you never know.' Call us boring, but we don't like to leave things to chance around here. We'd rather say ta-ta to soggy socks and freezing our buns off, and HELLO to a summer holiday where the sun actually shines. The only waterproof you'll need here is your swimwear. Get what we're saying?

Summer holidays for families

Schoooool's out, for summer (holidays). Round up the fam, 'cause we've got a whole heap of holibobs that'll have everyone on board - even your Auntie Jan who turns her nose up at everything. We've got family-friendly hotels decked out with waterparks, daily activities and kids' clubs (which, let's be honest, are more of a bonus for you than the kiddos). Snap up one of these baddies (that's a good thing by the way, in Gen Z lingo) and you could be jetting off for some family fun faster than you can say una Fanta Lemon por favor.

Why choose On the Beach for your next summer holiday?

Not to toot our own horn or anything, but we're pretty good at sending people off on their jollies. In fact, we do it for over 1.5 million of you each year. That's, like, enough of you to fill over 1500 swimming pools (inflatable unicorns not included). Basically, we kinda know the deal with beach holidays, and speaking of - we've always got some kind of deals going on. Plus, we've got low deposits on all our holidays - no matter how far - and flexible payment options so you can pay in a way that works for you. And... *drumroll please* ... we're the Home of Holiday Perks, which means we do everything in our power to make your holiday that extra bit special, all year round. If all that sounds good to you, then you know what to do. And if doesn't then...that's cool. You do you.

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Best adult-only summer holidays

Oh, so you want a kid-free kinda jolly? Hey, no worries. No judging here. There's only so much pool-squealing, lilo-hogging, Baby-Shark-chanting a person can take. But why not just tell your partner to cut it out? We're kidding. Obviously. Baby Shark's a lowkey banger. The good news is, we've got adult-only holidays for everyone, whether you're looking for alllll the chilled vibes, or just somewhere you can load up on ice cream and zip down waterslides (not in that order) without having to queue behind the kids.

Top all-inclusive summer holidays

All-inclusive holidays are less about how much your wallet can handle, and more about how much your belt can handle. And even then...there are always bigger belts. These are the kind of holidays where you can stuff your face with as much ice cream and buffet food as you fancy, then wash it all down with a poolside beer (or three), because it's all included in one tidy little price tag when you book. Not to mention all your entertainment - from water aerobics classes to fun for the kiddos and evening shows that are actually worth snagging a seat for - you guessed it, all included. You catch on fast!

Summer holidays to Greece

Greece is home to all the good stuff. History, beaches, feta, Mamma Mia. If that's enough to have you thinking gimme, gimme, gimme, then we hear you - and we're giving. Whether you fancy hitting up the absolute CLASSIC that is Crete, filling your Insta feed with Kefalonia's scenery, or catching one of those iconic Santorini sunsets, we've got you covered. Well, actually, Greece has. And, if you go all-inclusive then you won't have to worry about all that money, money, money, because honey, honey it's all right there! What can we say? Sometimes the winner takes it all. OK, we're done now.

Summer holidays to Malta

If Malta was a character in a TV show, it'd be the side character you wish got more air time. It's the ultimate underdog, and it's more than just beaches. (We don't usually need more than that, but we'll take it.) This place has a totally chilled vibe, with cute little streets to get lost down, yacht-filled marinas to explore, pretty architecture to admire and more Insta backdrops than you can shake a selfie stick at. You could be slurping cocktails in a swanky bar one minute, feeling like you've hopped in a time machine and been spat out a few hundred years ago the next, thanks to all the historical sites. Get you a place that does both.

Summer holidays to Turkey

Turkey doesn't have a bit of everything, it has a LOT of everything, which - to be frank - we're totally into. Whopping, sandy beaches that'll make your colleagues green with envy (especially when you post that beach pic to Insta with the caption Hard at work (sorry Boss)), bustling bazaars where you can test out your haggling skills, and huge hotels PACKED with stuff to do, from waterparks and all-day activities to endless restaurants. Seriously, whether you fancy the lively hub of Antalya or something a bit more scenic and chilled in Dalaman, these Turkey holidays will have you saying oh my gözleme. (That's a Turkish pancake, by the way.)

Best value summer holidays

Call off the search, because finding a great-value summer holiday on our website is a piece of cake. The moist, marble loaf cake you can usually find at the breakfast buffet, to be exact. We're all about giving you lovely lot more beach for your buck, which is why we've got loads of hotels that give you that little something extra, without you actually having to fork out any extra. Like when you open your box of nine chicken nuggets and find a 10th one hidden in there. From sunny Costa Blanca to laidback Portugal, these hotels are the real MVPs.

Summer holidays to the Canaries

Move over for the cool kids on the block - AKA, the Canary Islands. (Except they're actually sunny all year round and barely cool at all.) But the good thing is, like a good pick 'n' mix, there's something for everyone. Tenerife with its selfie-worthy hiking trails, Lanzarote with its breezy beaches, Gran Canaria with its buzzing bars and Fuerteventura with its sheltered, sandy coves - perfect for beach days with the little rascals. Whatever your style, everyone wants to hit these islands up, so grab your sunnies and join the party.


What are the cheapest summer holiday destinations?

The cheapest destinations can change, but Turkey is always a great choice for getting the most for your money (hello, value), and you'll find some affordable gems in Spain's Costa del Sol and the Greek islands, too. Plus, if you book early then you can bag your break at a bargain price, and you can split the cost 'til you fly.

Where are the best destinations for a summer holiday?

The great thing about going on holiday in summer is that you're pretty much guaranteed amazing weather, wherever you go. Spain, Greece and Turkey are the most popular choices for sunseekers, but there are plenty of other destinations that might become a new fave - like CyprusMadeira or the trusty Canary Islands.

When does summer start in the UK?

British summertime usually starts in mid-June and ends in mid-September (although your weather app might tell you a different story 🌧️). This is when schools are closed for summer too, so it's a great time to jet off with the whole fam for some sun.

Hotel Highlight

Pierre & Vacances Village Club Fuerteventura Origo Mare - Fuerteventura, Canaries

The Pierre & Vacances Village Club Fuerteventura Origo Mare deserves its spot in the limelight. With a choice of five (yep, five!) swimming pools, top-class staff running an action-packed kids' club, and a flippin' fantabulous volcanic-themed splash park, this hotel is perfect for a summer family holiday. Oh, and did we mention the 18-hole mini golf course? That's 18 opportunities for Dad to tell the kids they're swinging the club too hard.

Pierre Vacances  is our hotel highlight, with deposits from £30pp (restrictions apply). Take advantage of our wonderful product offer and payment plans to get your next sunny beach break.

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