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Whale-watching, hiking, sunbathing – whatever you’re into, Tenerife has you covered. All part and parcel of being the largest, most popular Canary Island.

Destination highlights

  • Perfect for couples and family holidays

  • Year-round sunshine

  • Home to the famous Veronica's Strip

  • Golden sandy beaches

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What are the best beaches in Tenerife?

With over 40 beaches to choose from, snorkellers, sunbathers and sandcastle-makers can find their perfect spot of shore in sunny Tenerife. Here are our top Ten picks for Tenerife beaches...

1. Playa del Duque - one of the golden oldies on the island, Playa del Duque is a hit with all holidaymakers. The well-kept stretch of shore is a mix of golden sands and pebbles, and features sun loungers that you can unwind on under the sun. If you’re one who likes a wander between sunbathing sessions, there are plenty of shops and restaurants nearby for you to explore.

2. Mesa del Mar - located in the north of the island, this unspoilt slice of paradise is a real hidden gem and will never disappoint.

3. Playa del Puertito - fancy escaping the crowds and getting back to nature? Then Playa del Puertito is 100% a must-visit. This unspoilt cove is usually pretty quiet and offers some a peaceful day of relaxing and swimming. Top tip - if you grab your snorkel and take a swim just by the fishing boats, you’re likely to be greeted by friendly marine life including turtles and butterfly rays!

4. Playa de las Vistas - with a 1km-long stretch of lovely blonde sands and beautiful waters, there are loads of opportunities for family fun under the sun here. Beach bars are also located down the beach raring to serve up your beers, cocktails, Fanta Limon or some snacks for you to tuck into when lounging.

5. Playa los Gigantes - sat at the base of giant cliff sides, this black sand beach offers a unique beach day. With calm waters and minimal breeze, you can comfortably unwind on the volcanic sands and take in the stunning views.

6. Playa de la Nea - peace and quiet, in beach form. This one’s a bit of an adventure to get to, but if you’re looking for something away from the crowds, then it’s worth it. Make your way down to this rustic stretch of coast and you’ll be greeted by coarse lava sand and even a playground for the kids! Just be careful if you are travelling with the little ones, because the shoreline is known to deepen quite suddenly.

7. Playa de Torviscas - if you like your beach the same way we like our all-inclusive breakfast - with a bit of everything - then this is the place for you. Sun loungers and parasols grace this large tourist beach, along with a playground for the kids, plenty of watersports and a breezy promenade.

8. Playa de la Enramada - black volcanic sands and some of the clearest waters you will ever see make this beach a must-visit in this part of Tenerife. Hire a sun lounger or bring a towel and relax… maybe nip to the beach bar for a drink or two. There’s also live music in an evening here, making it a great place to take a sunset stroll.

9. Playa del Médano - family beach day anyone? This inviting bay is just the place for it, with a sheltered location which means gentler waves for paddling in, and ramps for easy access. Plus, this beach flies the Blue Flag award, offers activities such as windsurfing and kitesurfing, has a dedicated swimming area AND a breezy promenade lined with bars and restaurants. Talk about the whole package!

10. Playa Diego Hernández - for the more daring amongst you, Playa Diego Hernandez is an isolated and unspoiled nudist beach that’s a great spot for topping up your tan or having a lovely swim. Keep in mind there are no facilities here, so whilst you can leave your cozzy at the hotel, you might want to bring a drink and a bite to eat.

What are the top hotels in Tenerife?

When it comes to where to stay in Tenerife, we've got you covered. Our huge range of Tenerife hotels offers everything from All Inclusive resorts to budget-friendly breaks if you're looking for a cheap holiday to Tenerife.

Popular Tenerife hotels

Weather in Tenerife

























With a climate as welcoming as a Spaniard's smile, Tenerife is where the sun clocks in for overtime, and bad weather is shown the exit sign.

Now, let's dish about Tenerife weather in summer. Expect the temperatures to climb up to the high 20s Celsius, but never too hot, thanks to the cooling Atlantic breeze. It's like the island's personally air-conditioned, just for you!

But Tenerife doesn't take a winter break. Nope, it keeps the sun out, with temperatures staying around a snug 20 Celsius. It's the sort of winter where you'll be building sandcastles instead of snowmen, and swapping hot choc for a cold sangria.

Spring and autumn? It's all sunshine and good vibes. Mild, warm, and absolutely beach-tastic!

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How long does it take to fly to Tenerife?

It takes about four and a half hours to fly to Tenerife from the UK.

What’s the time difference between the UK and Tenerife?

The local time in Tenerife is one hour ahead of the UK.

What currency do they use in Tenerife?

The official currency of Tenerife is the Euro.

What language do they speak in Tenerife?

The official language spoken in Tenerife is Spanish.