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The original Costa del Sol holiday resort, Torremolinos has shaken off its reputation and image for being a seedy resort to become one of the most well-developed and appealing destinations for those considering holidays to Spain. Raucously hedonistic, it does however remain the party capital of the Costa del Sol!

With one of the widest varieties of things to do and see, there's always something to tickle your fancy, whether its relaxing by the crystal-clear blue waters, exciting watersports or partying until the sun rises, Torremolinos holidays have it all. Just 5 miles from Malaga airport, itself just a two-hour flight from most UK airports, Torremolinos offers a wild, passionate slice of Spanish hospitality for the whole family.


Beautiful sunny days, and mild nights are what Torremolinos holidays are famed for. Typical summer temperatures can hit 30° Celsius or even higher, so bring plenty of light, airy clothes and extra sunscreen! Water temperatures are also very mild, in the low twenties, so paddling or swimming is particularly pleasant during the summer season when holidays in Torremolinos are most popular.

Jan - 13ºC
Feb - 14ºC
Mar - 16ºC
Apr - 18ºC
May - 22ºC
Jun - 23ºC
Jul - 26ºC
Aug - 26ºC
Sep - 24ºC
Oct - 21ºC
Nov - 17ºC
Dec - 14ºC

Things To Do on Holidays

Just ten minutes from the centre of town lies Aqualand Torremolinos, home to some of the most thrilling, exciting water rides in southern Europe. Popular with children and adults alike, this fun water park is conveniently located nearby to hundreds of Costa del Sol hotels in the area, and offers white-knuckle excitement at affordable prices.

If authentic beaches are your thing, Torremolinos boasts six miles of pristine beaches, offering a myriad of watersports and, of course, lots of sunbathing! You don't have to go far to reach the hundreds of beachfront bars, pubs and restaurants nearby for a quick drink, making Torremolinos one of the most conveniently structured resorts on the Costa del Sol.

Things to do: Culture

Torremolinos was the first resort in the Costa del Sol to be developed for the tourist industry back in the early sixties, so if you've come looking to sample authentic Spain, you'll want to head out of town. However, the city takes on an entirely different atmosphere outside of the summer season, with the entire resort seeming more authentically Spanish during the autumn and winter months.

Even in summer, if you look hard enough, you can still find authentic Spanish tapas bars and all sorts of bohemian bazaars and boutiques offering a wide variety of traditional Spanish food and merchandise.

Things to do: Nightlife

If you like your nightlife buzzing, you've come to the right place! Torremolinos is famous for its wild, hedonistic party culture, with many bars and clubs closing their doors when the sun rises. Every type of music is well catered for with great clubs offering live sets from famous DJs until the early hours that are guaranteed to keep you dancing!

If a night out partying is not what you want from your holidays then you could head into Malaga for the evening or perhaps visit the quieter town of Fuengirola.

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If you crave fun, laughter and excitement, Torremolinos is the perfect Costa del Sol holiday for you. Offering parties until dawn and a superb range of facilities, Torremolinos embodies everything fun and energetic about the Costa del Sol!

On The Beach has some outstanding offers on flights and accommodation, so book now, grab your sunscreen and come dance the night away in Torremolinos!

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