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Sharm El Sheikh Holidays

Famous for its glistening Red Sea waters, incredible sand dunes and colourful coral reefs, Sharm El Sheikh offers a vibrant holiday atmosphere with the added excitement of a desert adventure! Make the most of those sunny skies by exploring the tropical ocean shores, kick back with a cocktail on the golden sands or indulge in some authentic Egyptian eats. Sharm el Sheikh is sure to surprise you with it’s incredible beaches, exciting watersports and bustling city centre. This popular Red Sea Riviera resort also boasts some fantastic All Inclusive hotels with five-star facilities for all to enjoy. But if you’re seeking more of a smaller, exclusive pick there’s plenty of peaceful beachfront hotels on offer too. This sunny paradise in Egypt offers something for everyone!

Best beaches in Sharm el Sheikh

Boasting beautiful white sand beaches, crystal-clear blue seas and arguably the best watersports Egypt has to offer, Sharm El Sheikh is simply in a league of its own when it comes to coastlines. The breathtaking coral reefs of the Ras Mohammed National Park are a dream for divers and snorkelers, with their beauty enticing holidaymakers back year after year. Grab your snorkel and explore the beauty of this Red Sea hotspot. It’s the perfect chance to dive right in and discover vibrant coral, tropical fish species and even sea turtles if you’re lucky! Prefer to savour the sea views from the shores? That’s no problem, there are several stunning beaches nearby to choose from, including the pretty Khashaba Beach, with its fantastic calm, turquoise waters and warm desert sands. A must-see whilst you’re here is the El Fanar beach, this wonderful stretch of coastline boasts a superb sunset, brilliantly-blue waters and an incredible collection of sea creatures. Take a submarine-style boat tour, breath in the coastal air with a parasailing trip across the sea or discover the depths of the waters below on a diving tour. This place is perfect for water babies, beach lovers and sun-seekers alike!

Popular Sharm El Sheikh hotels

Weather in Sharm El Sheikh

























This Egyptian gem is like a summer soiree that never ends – bronzed beaches, coral reefs, toasty temps of 20-35°C, and a sun that just won’t quit.

Now, here's the cheeky part: the weather in Sharm el Sheikh doesn't care much for winter. It's just not its style. While the rest of the world's bundling up from December to February, Sharm's lounging at a lovely 18-25°C. Might be a breeze here and there, but nothing a beach umbrella won't handle.

And then summer struts in, May to October, with a sizzling 30-35°C. That's right, the Red Sea's putting on a show, the sand's as warm as toast, and the vibes? Pure holiday magic. Get that sun cream on, love, you're in for a tan!

Spring and autumn are no wallflowers either. They shimmy in at a sweet 20-30°C, ideal for snorkelling, camel riding, or just a good old-fashioned beach bumming.

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How long does it take to fly to Sharm el Sheikh?

It takes about six hours to fly to Sharm el Sheikh from the UK.

What’s the time difference between the UK and Sharm el Sheikh?

Sharm el Sheikh is one hour ahead of the time in the UK.

What currency do they use in Sharm el Sheikh?

The official currency of Sharm el Sheikh is the Egyptian pound.

What language do they speak in Sharm el Sheikh?

The official language spoken in Sharm el Sheikh is Arabic.