Sharm El Sheikh Holidays

Sharm El Sheikh Holidays

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Famous for glistening Red Sea waters, breathtaking views of Mount Sinai and incredible sand dunes, Sharm el Sheikh holidays offer a vibrant holiday atmosphere, luxurious hotels, restaurants and fantastic facilities and things to do, with the added excitement of desert adventure. As one of the most popular locations in the Red Sea Riviera, holidays in Sharm El Sheikh boast beautiful white sandy beaches, crystal blue seas and arguably the best water sports in the world. The breathtaking coral reefs of the Ras Mohammed National Park are a dream for divers and snorkelers and their beauty entices delighted holidaymakers back year after year.

Sharm el Sheikh is a perfect destination if you want a relaxing, beautifully sunny holiday. The majority choose to sit on one of Sharm’s beautiful beaches, which are all surrounded by breathtaking landscape and scenery. Mix up your relaxing break by taking some time to swim and snorkel in the coral reefs and enjoy a memorable experience of a lifetime.

Sharm is famous for its amazing 5* all-inclusive hotels, so if you really don’t want to lift a finger whilst you are on holiday, then you should choose a hotel which offers it all, with its own private beach and diving centre.

Please be aware that the Islamic holy month of Ramadan will take place between 23/04/2020 and 23/05/2020. During this time, many cafes and restaurants will close during the day, restrictions on alcohol sales may be in place, and hotel dining for non-Muslim guests may take place in private rooms. Playing music, dancing, and eating in public areas may also be restricted during this time.

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Sharm El Sheikh Weather

The climate in Sharm el Sheikh is hot and dry, with sizzling summers peaking at around 45ºC and winters generally averaging in the pleasant 20s. During the summer months of June and July the sun stays out for a staggering thirteen hours per day - not for the light hearted! If you burn easily or find intense heat uncomfortable, avoid visiting around this time. As Sharm el Sheikh is essentially in the desert, the rain fall from June until September is an average of 0mm, so your chances of being hit by showers is practically zero! During the winter months however, the sun levels reduce slightly to around eight or nine hours per day and the chance of rain is increased to approximately one day in each month.

At both the beginning and towards the end of the season there are increased chances of sandstorms.

Make sure you drink loads of bottled water, you need a lot more than you think, especially in the very hot Summer months. Lot's of people allow themselves to get too dehydrated and then suffer from a poorly stomach. Carry water with you everywhere and packets of rehydration salts won't go amiss.

Jan 21ºC
Feb 22ºC
Mar 24ºC
Apr 26ºC
May 30ºC
Jun 33ºC
Jul 35ºC
Aug 35ºC
Sep 33ºC
Oct 30ºC
Nov 23ºC
Dec 22ºC


Situated at the southernmost tip of the Sinai Peninsula, Sharm el Sheikh benefits from the crystal blue waters of the Red Sea, the mountains of Mount Sinai and the vast desert areas surrounding the bustling area of Sharm el Sheikh.

Naama Bay, is the perfect place for a romantic walk. Don't forget to see Tiran Island, with it's great lagoons and parks, and a cruise over the Gulf of Aqaba is worth it just for the amazing fish you see in its pristine waters!

Things To Do on Sharm El Sheikh Holidays

Sharm el Sheikh holidays attract a variety of holidaymakers from those searching for relaxation to culture seekers to professional divers. There's so much to do for everyone in Sharm el Sheikh you will find yourself wanting to return year after year.

There is an 18 hole Championship golf course in Jolie Ville Golf Resort, located only 5 kilometres away from the main hotels in Sharm el Sheikh and it is open for non guests. It includes a driving range and artificial lakes, making it the perfect escape for those who love the game.


For those looking to investigate the history and culture of Egypt, a visit to the sixth-century Greek Orthodox Monastery of St Catherine, at the foot of Mount Sinai, is essential. As a World Heritage Site, it boasts the monastery library, which preserves the second largest collection of early codices and manuscripts in the world, outnumbered only by the Vatican Library.


Sharm el Sheikh holidays provide an ideal holiday destination for your family. The majority of hotels have their own excellent swimming pools, themed parks, daytime activities such as tennis courts, beach volleyball and diving centres and fun kids club to keep your children entertained throughout their holiday.

There is no need to miss the beautiful coral reefs if you don't want to take your family snorkeling, instead, choose a glass bottom boat trip and get to see the amazing underwater world without getting wet! You will find glass bottom boats cruising from Naama Bay, you're sure of a breathtaking trip, you can watch the scuba divers below at dive sites such as Ras Katy.

Camel rides through the desert and safaris are fun daytrips and will give your family memories that will last for a lifetime. There are also many organised trips with English speaking tour guides who will look after you and make sure you see all the sights.


Stargazing in Sharm el Sheikh offers an incredibly romantic and educational evening. With an experienced astronomy guide you can watch the magnificent sunset, gaze at the bright beautiful stars and learn the names and locations.


Divers and snorkelers will thrive amongst the Red Sea's beautiful coral life in the crystal-clear waters that are home to masses of fish, turtles and endangered mammals. The Ras Mohamed National Park is a definite must for those who love watersports with its beautiful beaches, extravagant rock formations, desert landscapes, mangroves and glorious coral reefs.

Note: Never feed the coral fish! This is very important to maintain the delicate balance of life in the marine environment, if your hotel provides 'fish food' for you to do so, or if you witness shark baiting or feeding on a day boat, please report them to the authorities and the Chamber of Diving & Watersports for the Red Sea. It is believed that fish feeding from hotels is one of the causes of a spate of shark attacks in Sharm.


Sharm el Sheikh is home to many shops, bazaars and shopping centres. The majority of shops in Sharm el Sheikh sell either jewellery, clothing, perfumes or gifts/souvenirs. Sharm is famous for producing jewellery, leather goods, painted papyruses and rugs.Expect to haggle when shopping in Sharm el Sheikh, it is all part of the experience and the shop owners will be shocked if you don't try to negotiate. 

The majority of shops and shopping centres are based in Na'ama Bay where you will find an assortment of shops offering everything you will need to buy. Sharm Old Market is great for hunting out some bargains, but if you want real value for money you should go North to the small town of Dahab with it's hippy vibe.


If you are looking for good nightlife in Egypt, Sharm el Sheikh is the resort to choose, as it is the liveliest area of Egypt with popular pubs, clubs, casinos, bars and restaurants.

If you're not on a tight budget and want a night to remember, Pacha is one of the largest and most famous nightclubs in Sharm El Sheikh. Being the first Pacha club in Africa and the Middle East, the club has seen sets from an enviable range of top DJ's including Pete Tong, Judge Jules, Smokin' Joe and John Kelly. You can also climb on-board the Pacha boat to party whilst sailing across the Red Sea. The boat is licensed for just 20 people and can be booked as a private charter or by individuals. Another favourite for British tourists is the Hard Rock Cafe, which is great for food and drinks like cocktails, changing from a restaurant in the day to a busy bar and dance floor after midnight.

Who goes to Sharm El Sheikh?

Couples, families and those looking for a great party scene all love Sharm el Sheikh holidays. In particular, Sharm el Sheikh holidays are popular with scuba divers due to its beautiful coral reef and large number of diving schools.

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From theme parks to ancient churches, from diving to desert safaris, Sharm el Sheikh offers you the finest amusements and entertainment that Egypt has to offer! At On the Beach, we have amazing deals on Sharm el Sheikh holidays, Sharm flights and your stay at a choice of Sharm el Sheikh hotels - book now to avoid disappointment!

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