29 Jun 2017
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Marsa Alam Holidays
29 Jun 2017
7 nights
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Rooms: 1

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Egypt holidays on the Red Sea Riviera have exploded in popularity in recent years, but none so quickly as Marsa Alam holidays, one of the more recently discovered resorts. Home to some of the country’s finest diving and snorkelling in the warm waters of the surrounding sea, towering palms, and golden sands abutting huge reefs, Marsa Alam is the paragon of the paradisiacal seafronts in Egypt.

Whether you’re a diver, sun-worshipper or historian, there’s something for everyone here - and more than just unremitting sunshine! A six-hour flight from the UK transports you to this Arabian Oasis - and we’re betting that your first holiday to Marsa Alam’s transparent waters will not be your last!

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Marsa Alam Weather

Marsa Alam holidays mean lolling by the pool or on the beach chilling, but with no chill! Temperatures here on the Red Sea Riviera’s second-southernmost resort live up to the subtropical latitude. Temperatures through the so-called winters average around 25° Celsius, with temperatures reaching their zenith in August when they soar to 45° Celsius. No matter what time of year suits you and your family best for Marsa Alam holidays, the weather promises to be hot. Amun-Ra is working his mighty magic in Marsa Alam!

Jan 21ºC
Feb 22ºC
Mar 24ºC
Apr 26ºC
May 30ºC
Jun 33ºC
Jul 35ºC
Aug 35ºC
Sep 33ºC
Oct 30ºC
Nov 23ºC
Dec 22ºC


There is no denying it; Marsa Alam holidays treat you to one of Egypt’s most wondrous seafronts made all the more beautiful due to it’s quiescent tranquillity, as yet unspoilt by the manic tourism of Egypt’s inland cities. There are endless miles of palm-strewn, mangrove-dotted beaches here abutting the crystal waters of the Red Sea, with the hub of fishing life still to be found in the old stone quay and village that is the town centre.

The Red Sea mountains are excellent for climbing, especially in the afternoon, if only to take in the dichotomous clash between their tawny rocks and the sapphire blue of the sky above. If you do decide to make the journey you'll be richly rewarded as they afford gorgeous sunset panoramas of the coastline too.

Things To Do on Marsa Alam Holidays

You can’t come on holidays to Marsa Alam without visiting Elphinstone and the Dolphin House, the great reefs nearby that afford visitors the chance for aquatic exploration among giant turtles, spinner dolphins and multicoloured shoals of fish, or even just a spot of snorkelling.

The more culturally inclined can visit the Romans’ gemstone mines at Geli, and the accompanying ruins of Roman towns along the coastline. The Wadi El Gemal National Park, in the region’s 'Camel Valley' is worth a day trip in itself, either on the back of one of it’s humped namesakes, or on foot.


Marsa Alam gained it’s primary historical reputation as a trade route and centre for emerald excavation in the time of the Ptolomies, Egypt’s last true pharaonic dynasty. The Romans continued the operations of the mines following Augustus’ conquering of Egypt, as the cluster of Roman ruins around the coast testify.

The area lost this literally glittering reputation in the medieval Islamic period, with locals living instead off the not-inconsiderable fruits of the Red Sea. That status quo was forever banished when Marsa Alam Airport opened in 2001, catalysing the region’s transformation from obscure fishing village to burgeoning tourist resort.

Marsa Alam’s Old Town consists of a main street with some great souvenir shops selling local baubles from jewels to jugs, or you can always catch a taste of local life by the harbour with it’s fishermen hoisting out their nets under the sun - Marsa Alam’s perfect coastal location means that seafood is the order of the day here.

If you come on holidays to Mara Alam in summer, make sure your trip to Luxor coincides with the Summer Shopping Festival, one of Egypt’s largest; or for a quieter cultural pursuit, be sure to go on a cruise down the Nile - it’s well worth a couple of hour’s travel.


If all those watersports and desert safaris have worn you out, relax - there’s plenty of bars and restaurants in the hotels here, with the usual trappings of Arabian nights - belly-dancing and music into the wee hours. Even budget Marsa Alam hotels are above par for the level of service. Aside from the hotels, a day trip round Luxor is worth a visit for some pottering around the Valley of the Kings and nights promenading around the cocktail bars and English pubs.

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Marsa Alam is fast becoming one of the Red Sea’s most popular resorts thanks to it’s superb diving sites, superlative seaside beauty and impenetrable calm - so click your way to a holiday, hop on a plane, and walk like an Egyptian to the beach of your dreams! Don’t delay- there are amazing deals available on Marsa Alam holidays right now!

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