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The flake to your ice cream. The paper umbrella to your mojito. The second helping to your all-inclusive breakfast. We're all about the little extras that give you more beach for your buck - that's why we offer exclusive perks to make your holiday even...well, better. From a FlexiPay scheme so you can pay for your holiday your way to using Pricewatch to guarantee you the best deals, we've got you covered. Wondering who to book your next holiday with? We've got someone in mind...

Back by popular demand: FREE airport fast track!

Stop what you're doing. You heard it here first (unless you heard it on our homepage, in one of our emails or on any of our social media accounts): FREE Fast Track is BACK! 🥳 Cue the celebratory music. We know how much you lot love whizzing through airport security to get straight to the good stuff (duty free) - so we've brought our famous perk back. If you want it, click below for the full goss (AKA terms, legal info and all that...fun stuff).

FREE Fast Track through airport security with On the Beach

FREE airport lounge access

Our FREE airport lounge promotion for summer 2023 has now ended (*cue awwww sound effect*), but don't fret! We've got loads of smug beachers kicking back in the lounge as we speak, and if you'd like that to be you, keep an eye out for future promotions. We've always got something up our T-shirt sleeve, and we're not just talking about the tan.

Holiday more, pay less with On the Beach

All about those perks

Yeah, we know. We're spoiling you. We offer loads of handy little extras with our holidays. For example, we're super flexible. And no, we're not talking about yoga (although who doesn't love a bit of beach yoga?!). We're talking about our FlexiPay scheme, where you can pay how you want to - whether you prefer to split the cost or splash the cash in one go. Not to mention our lower-than-low deposits of just £30pp. Yeah. It really is that easy to bag your next break. Oh, and we live and breathe our mantra: Holiday More, Pay Less. From build-your-own packages to great-value hotels, we're all about giving you more beach for your buck. Making your jollies jollier. It's what we do.

Low deposit long haul

Dreaming of a land far far away? Make those dreams a reality with a deposit of only £30pp on all our long haul jollies. And with our FlexiPay scheme, you can pay the rest of your holiday however you want - monthly, in instalments or all in one go! *Ring Ring* the sun is calling... It's for you.

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Terms and conditions apply. Offer applies to outbound journey of summer package holidays only. Some airports are excluded from the offer. Please see full terms and conditions below: