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Italy stands alone, in Europe and in the world. There is no other country that can offer a comparable mix of 2,500 years of vivid history, a timeless culture, artistic and architectural masterpieces on virtually every street corner, as well as the blessings of the most spectacular beaches of Sardinia, views of the Amalfi coast, to the volcanic hillsides of Sicily and Campania, the fabled rolling hillsides of Tuscany all the way to the mighty Alps.

A holiday to Italy offers magnificent discoveries for visitors of all ages. Adolescent and young adult visitors will be enthralled by the vivacity and intensity of the cities' nightlife, families will appreciate the vast number of children's activities, and people of all ages will be awed by the wonders which follow in astounding succession. The perfectly preserved Roman cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum are a must visit. There is also the staggering beauty of Capri, the Sardinian Costa Azzurra and the world renowned spectacular grandeur of Venice. Not forgetting the thousands of boutiques dripping in elegant designer goods in Milan and Naples, and then there's Rome: the centre of the world for centuries.

A cheap holiday to Italy can take you to the home of the overwhelming history of the Vatican and its museums. Rome is the only place in the world where you can stroll through the preserved heart of the imperial capital of Europe, walk in the footsteps of Caesars, gaze upon vistas unchanged in centuries and have a truly memorable cappuccino at a trendy bar on the Via Veneto or at the base of the Spanish Steps.

Hotels in Italy run the gamut from friendly, family run hospitality which is the extension of a rural home to some of the most decadent luxury hotels to be found anywhere and which by far exceed five star levels. To decide where to spend your family holiday in Italy is a powerful challenge, given the sheer variety of locations and cities which all differ so much from one another. From the northern elegance and modern intensity of Milan, Turin and Bologna, to the artistic wonders of legendary Florence, the glory which was and is Rome, the pantheon of wonders which orbit Naples, the Magna Grecia culture of Catania and Palermo, your biggest problem will be deciding where to go first!

Italy is one of the world's greatest tourism centres, with tens of millions of visitors teeming into the country to explore its nigh on infinite variety of attractions. The past couple of decades have transformed the island of Sardinia from a sleepy fisherman's backwater to a centre of world of luxury with the development of the resorts on the shores of the fabled Blue Coast. Throughout the country tourism has been a major economic force for centuries, thus you will find exceptional tourism facilities in every city and town, with sightseeing tours and attractions peppered everywhere in such sheer number that you could not possibly hope to experience them all in scores of lifetimes.

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Top Italy Hotels

Parco Blu Club Resort

Cala Gonone, Sardinia, Italy

Antony Palace Hotel

Marcon, Venice, Italy

Grande Baia Resort Hotel

San Teodoro, Sardinia, Italy

Hotel Punta Negra

Alghero, Sardinia, Italy

Luna Lughente

Olbia, Sardinia, Italy

Cala Della Torre

La Caletta, Sardinia, Italy

Hotel Commercio e Pellegrino

Venice, Venice, Italy

Best Western hotel San Germano

Naples, Neapolitan Riviera, Italy

Papadopoli Venezia - MGallery Collection

Venice, Venice, Italy

Westin Europa & Regina

Venice, Venice, Italy

Airone Pisa Park

Pisa, Tuscany, Italy

AC Hotel Pisa by Marriott

Pisa, Tuscany, Italy


Venice, Venice, Italy

Majestic Naples

Naples, Neapolitan Riviera, Italy

Grand Hotel Baglioni

Firenze, Tuscany, Italy


Sorrento, Neapolitan Riviera, Italy

Antares Accademia

Milan, Milan, Italy

Sorrento Town Suites

Neapolitan Riviera, Neapolitan Riviera, Italy

Corte dei Medici

Florence, Tuscany, Italy

Villa Patriarca Hotel

Mirano, Venice, Italy

Hotel Edera

Rome, Rome, Italy

Hotel Mascagni

Rome, Rome, Italy

Hotel Sunrise

Rome, Rome, Italy


Venice, Venice, Italy

Jolly Hotel Milanofiori

Assago, Milan, Italy


Florence, Tuscany, Italy


Verona, Verona, Italy

Grand Hotel Hermitage

Sorrento, Neapolitan Riviera, Italy

Hotel Giardino Tower Inn

Pisa, Tuscany, Italy

La Perla

Praiano, Neapolitan Riviera, Italy

Italy Weather

Any time is the right time to visit Italy as even in the midst of the British winter, you can warm yourself to the golden sun shining down on a Calabrian beach or a Sicilian fishing port. The weather in the country is as varied as its regions. Most of the country is awash in sunshine the vast majority of the time. The Alpine resorts offer skiing and winter sports for up to eight months of the year.

Further south, winters are mild and predominantly sunny, with the prospects of even the slightest snowfall disappearing by the time you reach Rome, but as you approach the southern tip towards Sicily, you can find what would be termed early summer weather in the UK in the depths of January while the rest of Europe shivers under grey overcasts. Summers are glorious, hot and interminably sunny almost everywhere in the country.

Jan 12ºC
Feb 14ºC
Mar 18ºC
Apr 20ºC
May 21ºC
Jun 24ºC
Jul 26ºC
Aug 27ºC
Sep 25ºC
Oct 20ºC
Nov 15ºC
Dec 10ºC

Things To Do on Italy Holidays

Sorrento is full of things to do to keep your whole party entertained. For the brave amongst you, why not try the Amalfi Drive? The road linking Sorrento with neighbouring Amalfi winds through the picturesque Mediterranean cliff tops, although it is not advised for those who suffer from nerves when behind the wheel - what a holiday to remember! For those of you looking for a snippet of Italian culture, then a number of churches, some dating back as far as the 14th Century, are open for general public viewing.

The area's attraction to the famous is also something which is evident within the town, with many of the cobbled streets lined with high quality shops and designer boutiques. The area also offers a number of festivals throughout the year which you may like to book your holiday to coincide with.


From the time the ancient Greeks established expansive colonies on the western coasts of Sicily until the Renaissance brought an unparalleled intellectual and artistic flowering, the history of Europe has been centred on this majestic country. The early Latin tribes who displaced the Etruscans in the fertile lands surrounding the Tiber River began a journey that soon saw them masters of the known world, imposing their culture and influence from the Scottish borders to Upper Egypt and all the way into eastern Asia.

The Renaissance was a unique historical nexus where it seemed that for a century or so, all of the genius of the human race was focused on Italy, leading to an explosion of art, science, literature and exploration which is immaculately preserved for you to discover!

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A holiday to Italy is something you will cherish forever. Many of our previous customers who have gone on an Italy holiday have gone back time and time again because they can't get enough of the culture, food, history, architecture and style. If you would like to taste what Italy has to offer, book your holiday today with On The Beach!

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