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Sicily Holidays

Delicious food, gorgeous hot summers and views to take your breath away, Sicily is a romantic paradise. A perfect choice for a couple’s getaway.

Destination highlights

  • The largest Mediterranean island

  • Historical hotspot

  • Family-friendly beach destination

  • Foodie heaven

What are the best beaches in Sicily?

Beach holidays in Sicily are something of a dream. With turquoise waters and panoramic views, these gorgeous beaches are worth checking out:

  • San Vito Lo Capo – This postcard-worthy secluded beach features powder-white sands and palm trees and is popular with local Italian families.

  • Mondello – This popular beach is close by to the hub of Palermo with plenty of facilities and perfect for families.

  • Cefalù - This family hotspot is central for sightseeing and blessed with dreamy golden sands.

  • Scala dei Turchi - The unique Scala dei Turchi, also known as ‘Stairs of the Turks’ is a rock formation that looks like a staircase. Next to it are shallow waters and small stretches of sands.

  • Sampieri - Boasting miles of golden sands, this quieter beach offers gentle waters.

  • Isola Bella - Known as the ‘Pearl of the Mediterranean’, this tiny island is one of Italy’s most beautiful spots.

What are the top hotels in Sicily?

Holidays in Sicily are great for families, couples, or groups, there’s plenty to see and do. These hotels are the top choices to ensure you have a relaxing stay:

  • La Playa Blanca - This beachfront property offers gorgeous sea views for the perfect Sicilian break.

  • Diamond Hotel and Resort Naxos Taormina - This five-star hotel offers a five-star lifestyle with its stunning sea views and incredible facilities.

  • Vecchio Borgo - Set in the heart of the city, this hotel’s location is perfect for adventurers and discovering the gem that is Palermo.

  • Hotel Avalon Sikani - Sit back for the relaxing holiday you’ve been dreaming of with a hotel that offers views for days.

  • Grand Hotel Wagner - Sophistication, charm and the buzz of a city centre, this hotel has it all for a memorable Italian break.

  • Garibaldi - Experience ultimate comfort, serenity, and non-stop entertainment in this hotel, ideal for families.

Popular Sicily hotels

Weather in Sicily

























From June to August, Sicily's weather is all about the summer vibes. The sun's out in full force, sending temperatures soaring between 25°C and 35°C. If your idea of a good time involves gelato breaks, sun-kissed beaches of Cefalù, or island hopping around the Aeolians, then this is your season.

Hold up, though. When October rolls into town, Sicily pulls out its milder card. This is autumn but not autumn like you know it. The days are still comfortably warm, around 20°C to 25°C, ideal for wandering the historic streets of Palermo or exploring the Valley of the Temples without breaking a sweat.

Winter? Sicily keeps it classy. Think 10°C to 15°C from December to February. A tad cooler, a bit rainier, but perfect for those who prefer exploring without the bustling summer crowds. Maybe even catching a rare glimpse of snow on Mount Etna, if you're lucky.

Sun-drenched beach days, crisp exploration-friendly afternoons, or cooler culture-rich escapades – Sicily's got it all cued up. So grab your calendar and circle a date.

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How long does it take to fly to Sicily?

It takes about three hours to fly to Sicily from the UK.

What’s the time difference between the UK and Sicily?

Sicily is one hour ahead of the UK.

What currency do they use in Sicily?

Sicily is in Italy, so the local currency is the Euro.

What language do they speak in Sicily?

The official language spoken in Sicily is Italian.