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Canaries Holidays

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Year-round heat, beautiful landscapes and a choice of islands filled with stunning beaches. The Canaries are the perfect beach destination for all holidaymakers.

Destination highlights

  • Year-round great weather

  • Endless beaches

  • Great for nature-lovers

  • Choice of islands

What are the best beaches in the Canaries?

Ready to swap your screen saver for the real deal? The Canaries are a buffet of sandy feasts and nature treats, with a side order of island vibes. With year-round toasty temperatures and over 300 annual days of sunshine, you can literally visit whenever you like. And if you're itching for a last-minute dash to paradise, we've got deals hotter than your crush's summer pics. So, let's dive into the beachy who's who:

  • Maspalomas (Gran Canaria): Picture 17km of pure sandy bliss. No rush for the best spots here (and no one plonking their towel down right next to you - winner)

  • Amadores (Gran Canaria): This is the family-friendly bay where the waters are as calm as a zen master and the sands are as soft as your favourite pillow. It's a man-made marvel where even the wind takes a break.

  • Playa el Bollullo (Tenerife): Black sands, secluded vibes, and a touch of volcanic drama – this beach is like the moody artist of the coast, perfect for lovebirds escaping the world.

  • Las Vistas (Tenerife): With 850m of sandy bliss and a sea as serene as a lullaby, this beach is a playground for the young and the young at heart. And ice cream? You bet there's ice cream.

  • Corralejo (Fuerteventura): Calling all thrill-seekers! This beach has waves that are ready to party with your surfboard, and sands that are itching to tickle your toes.

  • Playa el Hierro (Fuerteventura): Ever seen a beach that looks like a popcorn machine exploded? This is it. Not your average sandy shore, but an epic tale of nature's quirks.

  • Playa Flamingo (Lanzarote): With sands as fine as stardust and waters protected by manmade magic, families unite – this is your chill zone.

  • Playa del Reducto (Lanzarote): Blue Flag certified, sand as soft as a whisper, and a vibe that sings 'holiday anthem' – it's the beach that everyone is writing home about.

What are the top hotels in the Canaries?

These sun-drenched islands are full of tip-top hotels for that classic vacay feeling, and cheap holidays to the Canaries aren't hard to come by either. Have a nosy at these hotels if you can't decide where to jet off to...

  • Paradise Lago Taurito & Aqua Park (Gran Canaria) - A great family-friendly hotel just 50m from the gorgeous beach of Playa Mogan

  • Hotel KN Arenas del Mar Beach & Spa - Adults Only (Tenerife) - A beachfront hotel with a relaxing on-site spa

  • Oasis Duna (Fuerteventura) Two swimming pools, waterslides and plenty of activities for the kids makes this a perfect pick for a family getaway

  • Sol La Palma Hotel (La Palma) - With plenty of facilities for all ages, this hotel is a great all-rounder

  • Sol Lanzarote (Lanzarote) - A modern hotel with views for days - ideal for a relaxing Canary Island break

Popular Canaries hotels

Weather in Canaries

























Canary Islands weather? You're in for a treat! The kind of treat that's perfect all year round. Let's break it down, shall we?

Summer in the Canary Islands is like the best beach day ever, every day. With temperatures hanging out at a comfy 24°C to 28°C, it's pure sunbathing bliss. But it's never too hot, thanks to a refreshing breeze that keeps things just right. No metaphors needed; it's simply perfect beach weather.

Now, don't overlook spring and autumn. With temperatures playing in the 20°C to 24°C range, these seasons are the go-to pals for exploring the islands. Whether you're hiking, sailing, or just taking in the views, the weather in the Canary Islands during these months is your friendly guide, showing you a great time.

Winter? The Canary Islands give winter a warm hug, keeping things around 18°C to 22°C. Forget those chilly mainland winters; here, you can still enjoy a seaside stroll or a sun-kissed terrace lunch.

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How many Canary Islands are there?

The five main Canary islands include Tenerife, Gran Canaria, Lanzarote, Fuerteventura and La Palma.

How long does it take to fly to the Canaries?

It takes about four and a half hours to fly to the Canaries from the UK.

What's the time difference between the UK and the Canaries?

There is no time difference between the Canaries and the UK.

What currency do they use in the Canaries?

The official currency of the Canaries is the Euro.

What language do they speak in the Canaries?

The official language spoken in the Canaries is Spanish.