Santa Ursula Holidays

Santa Ursula Holidays


2 Nov 2016

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Holidays to Tenerife may conjure up images of Club 18-30 style nightlife within a British-style resort, but the paradisiacal north of the island is the opposite of this. Up here Spanish culture flourishes, with great shimmering plazas, baroque churches and quaint fishing villages dotted around the azure coast among the fertile greenery.

Santa Ursula holidays boast all this and more: a perfect getaway for those who want discover another side of Tenerife, both geographically and culturally, and a mere four hour's flight away!

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Santa Ursula Weather

Being right on the northern coast of Tenerife, the weather is not as clement as in the south, with some rain in winter, but summers are glorious, with clear skies and temperatures in the high 20s° Celsius, dropping to a respectable 15° Celsius by New Year. It's never too hot either, thanks to the warm Atlantic breezes by the gorgeous coastline.

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Jan 22ºC
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Feb 22ºC
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Nov 23ºC
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Dec 23ºC


The beaches separating the endless blue of the Atlantic from the emerald of the hillsides inland are comprised mainly of soft volcanic sands, black in hue; marking a delineation from which you can stroll at night to the old ports, or visit the monolithic Mount Teide, from whose summit you can enjoy the ultimate vista of the island of Tenerife.


Tenerife loves it's festivals! Visit in March for the huge Carnival in nearby Puerto de la Cruz, complete with all the trappings of a Spanish festivity: parades, music and dance; or come in New Year for the Canary Island Music Festival at Santa Cruz. Be sure to check out the local village markets for a taste of Tenerifian marine cuisine: you may even get some tips for cooking back home!


Holidays to Santa Ursula mean ambling through the surrounding greenery and it's an excellent base for hikers and those eager to explore the wildlife, whether at the huge Mount Teide National Park, by Spain's highest summit, or through the white plazas and large temples of the town proper. Check out the Mencey Bencomo Cave, a huge secluded edifice overlooking the lush Orotava Valley.


Santa Ursula holidays will find you ensconced in Tenerife's quieter northern coast, meaning that party animals will have to look elsewhere, perhaps in the nightlife capitals of Las Americas and Los Cristianos to the south. That said, there's still an eclectic mix of watering holes around the town to wet your whistle, and your only five miles away from Puerto de la Cruz with it's all-night clubs and discos.

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