6 Sep 2015

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The Broncemar Beach is a new concept hotel designed as a small village surrounded by gardens and cobbled stone streets. it has a total of 252 apartments with different sizes to accommodate different types of guests. Each apartment is located within one of the many houses that comprise the hotel, and each one of them is distinctive by its outside decoration, colours and differently shaped terraces and balconies.

How far is the nearest beach?
Only 300m away you will find the nearest beach.

Distance from Airport
Fuerteventura airport is located 8 km from the hotel.

The welcoming apartments include an integrated living room/bedroom, a separate bedroom, an en suite bathroom, a direct dial telephone, TV (subject to an additional charge), a kitchen with microwave and coffee maker, a hire safe and a balcony or terrace.

Food & Drink
Main Restaurant serving Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. Pool Bar serving alcoholic and non-alcoholic local drinks, tea, coffee, chocolate, and cocktail of the day.

Sports & Entertainment
Guests are offered use of the swimming pool, a snack bar, Jacuzzi, sun loungers and parasols. The hotel offers sport enthusiasts table tennis, tennis and use the multipurpose court. The hotel also offers an entertainment programme to ensure that guests never experience a dull moment. Guests are also able to take advantage of the various water sports available on the beach, such as jet skiing, diving, surfing, windsurfing, sailing and catamaran sailing. The nearest golf course is around 1 km away.


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Not too bad

28 August 2015

Writing this review on my first abroad holiday. We stayed at the broncemar resort for 10 nights all inclusive and got back on the 26/8/2015. Booking: We got a good price from love holidays and...

Writing this review on my first abroad holiday. We stayed at the broncemar resort for 10 nights all inclusive and got back on the 26/8/2015. Booking: We got a good price from love holidays and was happy with that. Dont be fooled in paying for transfers, we was going to be charged £50 for this service when a taxi costs 13 euros or better still take a bus (no.3) for 2.90 euros for both of us. Arrival: We got to reception and was welcomed by the staff there at the desk. Please note the staff do not speak perfect English as some have stated, also dont buy a safe for your room its 40 euros and a complete waste of money. All we did was lock our suitcase up with our valuables in and kept that in the wardrobe. A fan is needed at night as its very warm in the rooms and thats 15 euros for a week plus 20 euros deposit as the room had no air con. Room: The room is nice for a 3 star and has a good size bedroom with a separate front room which has a small hob and fridge and a tv(1 euro per hour) but to be honest we didnt need the tv and if you do be warned it has 3 channels max as the signal is crap. Also they charge a stupid price for internet but i will cover other options later. Food: Lunch and dinner is varied and you get a good selection. We didnt take the kids but there was plenty to keep all happy. Some days loads came in and it was like they havent eaten in days and manners was appalling. Breakfast was terrible and not a lot of people bothered and chose to eat out of the resort. Entertainment: Run by 3 people (Micky, Jessey and robert). Once you get to know them they are ok people but they are mostly stressed out and doing a hard job run by a sloppy spanish management. Also some of the kids are little gits and the parents should be ashamed of themselves. Pool: There are 2 pools in the complex and are very nice. Like us a lot of people got up early to reserve sun beds otherwise you have no chance. There is an upside though, if you are not there for a space of time the lifeguard will remove your towel so people can get a chance. Other Entertainment: We went to the Irish bar some evenings and be warned the measures they give you is huge (75% alcohol to 25% coke) but it tastes fine anyway. The larger is there own brand but its ok and you only get half pints at a time if all inclusive. Also Alberto who runs the karaoke is a great laugh and a nice bloke and it was very entertaining. The only thing i will say is there was a lot of kids in without parents who was singing even though it states they are not aloud. Outside the resort: Loads of options here, go into town and you have a variety of restaurants and bars. I highly recommend 2 places. One being Fado's and the other Piero's. Fado's is a restaurant that believes in giving huge portions with good quality of food. Pieros is a bar that serves food but also has a great line up of entertainment. Go say hello to Oscar in the evening he does the karaoke but also introduces the acts on an evening. Best show by miles is the diva comedy drag show. It was hilarious and she also does her dj show every night opposite in the beer garden. Other shows was Boyz again. 3 good singers with Neil Martin being the top singer and a nice person. Pauls sister also features in the week but she wasnt to our taste and was practically shouting down the mic. Beach: The bay down from the pubs is a lovely place to sunbath and you can hire sunbeds for 10.50 euros for 2 beds with parasols or 7.50 euros for 1 for the day. We brought some snorkels and was amazed to see some beautiful fish swimming around us. Marina: By all means go for a visit. For 1 euro you can feed the fish and dip your toes in and they will go mad around your feet going for the food(or get some bread from the resort). Avoid the jet ski's there, if you think paying 55 euros for 20 mins and just going between 2 posts is your idea of fun then good luck to you lol. They do the sea-lions there but to get a kiss for 35 euros i felt was a bit extreme. Sellers: Dont get caught out by the Africans selling there crap near the beach. Knock off watches and sunglasses and they badger you rotten as you go past. I even had one trying to sell me weed. There is a bloke who does comedy portraits and can even do them on t-shirts, he is talented but an arrogant git with his wife who thinks its acceptable to let spanish people skip the queue and go first. Cool Runnings: Just near the indian resturant, if you have the money (145 euros for 4 hours which we did) it is a must do thing. The trikes are great to ride and the places you visit are breath taking. Local Supermarket: Got addicted to this place as the pastries there are so nice and a huge display for little money. Also plenty of other things to buy. Internet: Like i said earlier there are other options. Go to any bar or cafe and there is free wifi. So have a drink and enjoy free internet and even later just sit outside the bar and still get free net. Cigarettes: Shop around and dont buy from the first shop you see. We shopped around and found 200 costing 20 eruos. Market: There is a market on Saturday and Wednesday. Avoid as its all shi-ite as diva chanel calls it. Its mostly Africans trying to flog there rubbish. General shops: In a word bloody expensive to the perfume shops and even the clothes shops trying to sell a pair of addidas shorts for 63 euros(yeah right). I have tried to be as fair as possible with this review. Another downside to the Broncemar was a load of Irish arrived with there kids, thats when the fun started. These kids have no respect and whilst the parents are drinking it up(no shocker there) the kids are doing what they want. Starting fights, ringing door bells, throwing stones, shouting at 1 am and even after telling the reception it seems they didn't give a crap and just let it happen.

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Good cheap getaway

27 August 2015

It's basic, but basic in a nice way. Simple apartments, cleaned daily. The grounds are contained for added security. Staff can be abrupt and snappy but generally nice. Wifi only at reception, hotel...

It's basic, but basic in a nice way. Simple apartments, cleaned daily. The grounds are contained for added security. Staff can be abrupt and snappy but generally nice. Wifi only at reception, hotel is sited in a good area close to restaurants and bars. Pool area is very sticky with drinks spilt.

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Good value

27 August 2015

Stayed here for only 1 night as we toured the Island. Check in was very quick and efficient. Room was clean, large lounge/kitchen and separate bedroom with basic bathroom. Balcony wasn't the most...

Stayed here for only 1 night as we toured the Island. Check in was very quick and efficient. Room was clean, large lounge/kitchen and separate bedroom with basic bathroom. Balcony wasn't the most private as backed onto walkway and other apartment. Didn't use any facilities so can't comment. Perfect location 5 minutes down to beach, right in the heart of the resort, Ideal for a cheap getaway

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26 August 2015

I suppose like many others, I simply do not understand what people find to whinge about regarding Broncemar Beach. Me and my family have just returned from a 2 week 'all-inclusive' stay and we can...

I suppose like many others, I simply do not understand what people find to whinge about regarding Broncemar Beach. Me and my family have just returned from a 2 week 'all-inclusive' stay and we can honestly say that we have had a fabulous holiday, thanks to the wonderful Spanish staff, animation team and lovely people we have met. We paid for 3 star and actually I feel we received 4/5 star service especially concerning the food and the staff. What few negatives I do have centre around the very, very few impolite, greedy people (sad to say mainly Brits) who pile their plates high with food they don't want, shout in yobbish English at the hard-working, friendly staff and then no doubt come on here and complain that there's only one type of chips and not enough burgers on the menu, Here are my thoughts: Reception/Check-In. A lovely group of ladies couldn't have been more helpful throughout our stay. They all speak perfect English, but if like me, you like to try a little Spanish they are warm and kind. Matai (I hope this is the correct spelling) is a charming lady who even organised my wife's Birthday party in the dining room for me. Susanah is a Polish lady who speaks English, Spanish and German and again, could not be more helpful. Yes there is a charge for fans, most rooms don't have air con and the wi-fi is quite expensive, but surely you would know this when you book and it is not the staff's fault is it? Rooms. Quite basic but clean. In 14 days we had clean towels nearly every day and the room was cleaned every other day. The TV is 'slot-machine' but we don't go on hols to watch it anyway. We quite liked the balcony set-up as it gave us chance to meet our neighbours who were all very pleasant. One cockroach spotted in 14 days... and let's not forget, it is sub-tropical her so its their environment. Pool Area. Yes you do have to get up early to claim your sunbed but that wasn't an issue for me as I swim early every morning anyway. Its not the hotel's fault, but ours and if you ask Ossiedes the life-guard, he will find you a bed and a place if you've got up late. The pool side is very slippy so you have to warn the kids about running and there are a few cracked tiles, but nothing to moan or be worried about. Actually, when we were there, maintenance guys were painting etc so maybe the place is getting a bit of a face-lift? I actually loved the party dance at 2 every afternoon when the whole (or at least most) of the people in the pool got up and danced with Jessie and Yourie... just great x Food. In a word. WOW! Look, this is only my opinion, if you and your kids only like to eat Western/English food then I wouldn't bother going all inclusive and then feeling bad about the fantastic array of foods on offer here. Just eat what you like at one of the nearby restaurants and just stay 'B&B' at Broncemar because surely no one could find fault with the breakfasts? (except maybe the toasters which remind me of my Army days and are rubbish) We honestly couldn't fault the food. Rices cooked in many different ways which my wife loved, a great and varied mixture of salads, fish dishes that would grace any 5* restaurant in the UK and a lovely selection of desserts. I have stayed in 5 star hotels that didn't provide such a great selection. If you want to stay informal, the pool bar has hot dogs/burgers and toasties on almost all day and every day at 12.30 a different selection (pizzas, kebabs etc). Mind you, if you go at 12.30 its like feeding time at the zoo so wait 15 minutes or so until it calms down would be my tip. But the buffet is first class and the staff.... well to say helpful would be doing them an injustice. Wonderful, kind and patient people who have to put up with a very, very small minority of folks piling food onto their plates that they are never going to eat, then spilling it all over the tables and floor and then walking away without even bothering to clear or tidy their tables up (I know its waiter service but really?). Unbelievable, and yet the waiters and chefs keep smiling and doing their jobs., They are an inspiration to me having my own restaurants and I would gladly work alongside any of them. Yes, at peak times you may have to wait 3 or 4 mins for a table, but hey... we're on holiday :) As a post script about the restaurant, on the first night my wife asked for some hot chillis for her food as she comes from Asia, and incredibly, every night after that the staff brought us her favourite sauce without ever once being asked. That's great service in a place that I would guess is feeding 1500-2000 people a day. Entertainment/Animation. The team (that I presume are from the hotel) quite simply made my two bairns' holiday. On a limited budget, working six and a half days a week they managed to put on shows, dancing, sports and activities that my kids will never forget. They are all very warm and lovely people. Sure it is not Las Vegas quality and yes it can be a little repetitive for us adults and of course, not everyone wants to sit and play bingo every night... but you do have a choice. There is plenty of other entertainment in the resort of Caleta some of which is very good. I just think that because certain people have paid 'all inclusive' they won't go to some of the other bars/restaurants because they have to pay for their drinks.. Personally I think Micky, Youri and the wonderful Jessie did a great job on very limited resources. Staff. No words really. Brilliant, lovely people who made every effort to make my family's holiday special. From the cleaning ladies to the kitchen porters to the waiters and reception staff I cannot find fault. I have a little bit of Spanish and they helped me with new words and phrases. In two weeks the only negative I could find was about the young lady who brought out the food at 12.30 to the pool bar. She was a little severe I admit. However, she had a trolley full of hot food and honestly no sooner had she taken a tray of boiling hot chips off the trolley there were people pushing to get in. Had it been me I would have asked them to please wait, but she did at one point get a bit angry (which BTW I empathise with). Maybe the restaurant manager Senor Heime may think of closing off the area for 5-10 minutes to allow her to set up without being jostled when she is only trying to do her job? But Rossandro, Manuel, Jonathan, Heime, Herrardo, Nowsett, Matai, Suzanah, Ruben, Caballeros e Senoras.. muchas gracias. Encantado de conocerte <3 Finally regarding the 'staff', there is a professional photographer at the hotel named Allessandro and at first you may be worried about who is this guy taking photos of my kids? BUT, don't be concerned. He is a very talented photographer who works with his partner and you can buy the photos at the end of your holiday. Of course, it is not cheap, but (in my opinion only) it is worth it, and there is no hard sell... if you don't want the photos that's fine. Guests. I have saved the best until last. Despite what I have written earlier, the best thing about Broncemar is the wonderful mixture of lovely people that you can meet. The resort caters for Brits, Irish, Italians, Spanish, Germans, French, Dutch, Belgians... a very eclectic and interesting group. My family met some amazing people. Yes there is a v v v small minority of those that think because they have paid 'all inclusive' they are there to be served at every beck and call. But the vast majority of people we met were wonderful and a real pleasure to have met. So to summarise, 2/3 star rooms, 3 star pool etc, 5 star food, 4/5 star children's entertainment and 5 star plus for the staff. Please feel free to message me if you would like any clarification on any points. Thank you for reading.

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  • 24 Hour Reception
  • A la Carte Restaurant
  • Air Conditioning in public areas
  • Alarm Clock
  • Babysitting
  • Bar
  • Bicycle Rental
  • Buffet Breakfast
  • Buffet Restaurant
  • Cafe/ Snack Bar
  • Darts
  • Disabled Friendly
  • Entertainment
  • Golf
  • Heated Swimming Pool
  • High Chairs
  • Internet Access
  • Kids Pool
  • Laundry Service
  • Lifts
  • Lounge
  • Luggage Storage
  • Mini Market
  • Pool/Billiard Table
  • Reception
  • Restaurant
  • Satellite TV
  • Shops
  • Shuttle Bus
  • Sports Facilities
  • Sunbeds
  • Supermarket
  • Swimming Pool
  • Table Tennis
  • Tea/Coffee Making Facilities
  • Telephone
  • Tennis Court(s)
  • Water Sports
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