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Home to the famous claw-shaped peninsula in southern Greece, the Peloponnese is filled with beautiful beaches, sunny seafront resorts and villages with laid-back bars and romantic restaurants. Discover ancient ruins, explore sandy shores and revel in the range of tastes and textures that the local cuisine has to offer. If you’re looking for a gorgeous Greek getaway, you can find it here.


The Peloponnese’s unique shape means one thing – endless coastline! You’ll find beaches on beaches on beaches, and you will not be disappointed. Crystal-clear turquoise waters, golden sandy shores and awesome mountainous backdrops make the beaches in the Peloponnese picture-perfect. Head to Elafonisos to explore the stunning Simos Beach, Megali Paralia and Panagia Beach, or take a trip to Gialova to see the spectacular Golden Beach (Divari Beach). For calm waters and an even calmer atmosphere, spend the day on Peroulia Beach in Vounaria, or if you want to be in the centre of the action, Kalamata Beach is where it’s at in the summer time.

Food & Drink

Greek food is gorgeous. Feta cheese, refreshing salads, stuffed peppers and succulent grilled meats – there’s just no beating it. What better place to indulge in the delicious dishes than in the beautiful Peloponnese? Explore the range of amazing mezes with delightful meats, cheeses, dips, vegetables, fish and bread, creating the perfect combination of tastes. For a quick meal, find the local gyro shop for a Greek kebab. Gyros are made up of grilled meat with tomato, onion, tazatziki and fries wrapped in a pitta bread, and they really are something special. If you’re seeking a strong refreshment, ouzo and raki are the local spirits that are offered as shots or can be mixed with soft drinks for a long drink.


Rich in history, the Peloponnese holds stories of Greek gods and goddesses, which you can discover when visiting ancient ruins such as Olympia, Nemea and the Epidaurus Ancient Theatre. If you head into the capital city, you can also discover the Castle of Patras, Roman Odeon and Archaeological Museum for more of the local history. These contrast with the modern shopping areas in the city and the awesome Rio-Antirrio Bridge that connects the Peloponnese to the mainland, stretching 2.8 kilometres in length.


Although the Peloponnese region is known for being a tranquil, romantic and traditional Greek destination, you can still find your fix of buzzing nightlife there. Whether you’re looking for a few chilled-out drinks, a range of lively bars to explore or want to dance until the sun comes up, you can find it here. If you’re not looking to go wild, but still want a great night out, Vigla has some wonderfully laid-back bars to choose from. If you’ve brought your dancing shoes, head to the capital, Patra, or Killini and Katakolon for nightclubs.

Important Information

Flight Time: 4 hoursTime Difference: +2 hrsCurrency: EuroOfficial Language: Greek

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If you want the too hot to miss weather in the Peloponnese, visit between June and September, when average temperatures range between 23°C and 25°C. If you love the sun but prefer temperatures to be a little cooler, October and May have comfortable average temperatures of 18°C and 19°C. November and April may be cooler but are warmer than the UK with 15°C and the coldest months are December to March, which have averages of 11°C and 12°C.

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