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St Lucia Holidays

St Lucia Holidays


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St Lucia Weather

With St Lucia's amazing tropical climate, that morning commute in the rain will be the last thing on your mind as you soak up the sun on the beach. You can expect a fantastic tan as temperatures in St Lucia are on average between 22 and 26° Celsius all year, with the summer months of July and august providing a fantastic 30° Celsius on average. If that's too hot for you, later on in the year St Lucia enjoys more frequent daily showers whilst still retaining an enjoyable climate with lots of sunshine, so whatever time you go make sure to remember the sunscreen!

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Jan 29ºC
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Feb 29ºC
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Mar 29ºC
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Apr 29ºC
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May 29ºC
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Jun 30ºC
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Jul 30ºC
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Aug 30ºC
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Sep 30ºC
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Oct 29ºC
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Nov 29ºC
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Dec 28ºC


Your break in St Lucia will provide a fantastic locale for anyone who will relish the opportunity to explore a varied landscape. The beaches, which are utterly pristine, will provide hours of relaxation, while the mysteries and marvels of the crystal blue waters will enthral anyone who enjoys diving and marine life. The rainforests, with exotic plants and wildlife, will provide similar entertainment.

Visitors will also want to visit the Sulfur Springs, holes in the earth which emit fantastic blasts of steam and gas, while Pigeon Island National Park, the site of an old British forces base, will provide the perfect setting for a romantic picnic, making your Caribbean holiday one to savour.

Things To Do on St Lucia Holidays

The tourism industry is hugely important to St Lucia's economy, so you can expect a variety of activities to enjoy. After a day on one of the islands many superb beaches, you'll want to make time to visit the rain forests to observe the fantastic exotic plants and wildlife, while the drive-in volcano - the only one in the world - will provide unbelievable holiday snapshots! Because neighbouring islands surround St Lucia, you can also take ferry tours to places such as Castries and Marigot Bay for a truly in-depth experience of the Caribbean lifestyle.


History lovers will be in their element, as the island has a hugely fascinating past. It was first visited by European forces in 1500, and then experienced both British and French control before the British finally took complete jurisdiction in the early 1900s. In 1924 St Lucia established a representative Government, and in 1979 the island finally became an independent state of the Commonwealth of Nations.

St Lucia has a fantastic culture filled with celebrations and activities. In February the island celebrates its independence on the 22nd, so expect parties, music and fun. In July the steel drums and calypso tunes will be out in force again as St Lucia celebrates the Parade of the Bands with music, parades and dancing!

With its romantic beaches, stunning views and array of celebrations and activities, St Lucia is also a hugely popular wedding destination with around 3,000 alone taking place in the last year. If you're looking for a wedding with a difference, St Lucia is the place to go!


The Caribbean certainly knows how to have a good time, so rest assured that the nightlife in St Lucia is absolutely top-notch. Your hotel will provide you with a rich mix of music and dance entertainment, but should you wish to venture out then the local bars and restaurants will see to it you have a night to remember. What better way to enjoy your St Lucia holiday than with a tasty cocktail, fantastic calypso music and the gentle sound of the waves lapping at the beach behind you?

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Amazing beaches, stunning attractions, awe-inspiring views, great food, parties, exotic wildlife, crystal seas, welcoming locals - what doesn't a holiday St Lucia have? The only thing it's missing is you! So if you're tired of the trip to work then treat yourself to fine music, fine food and more than a little relaxation for the ultimate Caribbean holiday!

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