Nassau Holidays

Nassau Holidays

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The capital of the Bahamas, Nassau is a laid-back city that has grown to cover one of the nation’s 700 islands. A beach holiday here offers white sand, tropical weather and stunning sea views, as well as the rhythms and flavours of Caribbean island life. Families will love Nassau’s welcoming atmosphere and great facilities, and couples will love the relaxed vibes and honeymoon-worthy beaches that fringe the city.

When you think of the ideal beach, what do you picture? If you’re like us, you think of clear sea and soft sand dotted with palm trees - Nassau’s Cabbage Beach and Saunders Beach fit this description perfectly. You can also head to Cable Beach for a modern take on island paradise, with plenty of bars, restaurants and attractions beside the seaside. Jaws Beach is unmissable for movie buffs, but don’t worry, it takes its name for its use as a filming location for the final Jaws film rather than any real life sharks that visit the sparkling shallows.

Food & Drink
Nassau’s menus are brimming with seafood – not surprising for an island city! Signature local dishes often feature conch, especially salads, chowders and stews. If you prefer turf to surf, try a steak served with fried plantain and rice, or some flavourful breadfruit for a true taste of the Bahamas. After a sweet treat? Try some guava duff – a dessert made from guava pulp and sugared lemon dressing. For drinks, it can only be authentic Caribbean spiced rum.

Bahamian culture is vibrant, welcoming and colourful, and there’s no better way to experience this than at a carnival. Visit Nassau between Boxing Day and New Year’s Day to experience Junkanoo, a Caribbean carnival like no other. The origin of this festival of dance, music and costumes is linked to the colonial past of the Bahamas, but its modern-day incarnation is a chance for locals and tourists alike to let their hair down and come together for a New Year’s celebration to remember.

Nassau after dark is full of neon lights and DJ nights. You’ll find the perfect hotspot for you, whether you’re after a stylish wine bar, colourful cocktails or an all-night dance party. Where better than a Caribbean island to check out some reggae beats? Don’t worry, be happy, because the Marley Resort hosts live music and local bands every weekend. We also recommend Senor Frogs, a colourful bar with a stunning view over the harbour, for rum, dancing and fun.

Important Information
Flight Time: 9.5hrs
Time Difference: -5hrs
Currency: Bahamian dollar and US dollar
Official Language: English

Please check with your healthcare provider for all up to date vaccination advice before booking your holiday.

British Passport holders can visit Nassau without a visa for up to 21 days. Your passport must be valid for six months from your date of departure from the Bahamas. If you’re travelling via America, you may need to apply for an ESTA. The Bahamas counts towards the 90 day maximum stay in the US under this travel document.

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Nassau Weather

Nassau enjoys a tropical climate with temperatures reaching highs of 32°C in July and August. These months are also the wettest. The lowest temperature is seen here in January, although the mercury stays at a lovely 21°C on average – perfect for some winter sun. The balmy temperature of the Caribbean Sea makes swimming, snorkelling and other watersports very appealing, as it rarely drops below 22°C.
Jan 26ºC
Feb 26ºC
Mar 27ºC
Apr 28ºC
May 30ºC
Jun 31ºC
Jul 32ºC
Aug 32ºC
Sep 32ºC
Oct 30ºC
Nov 28ºC
Dec 26ºC

Things To Do on Nassau Holidays

Pirates of Nassau
Why are pirates pirates? Discover the answer to this question and much more at the Pirates of Nassau Museum (okay, quick spoiler: it’s because they ‘arrr’). Sail back in time to the 1700s, when smugglers and scoundrels ruled the Caribbean Sea. This interactive exhibition is a must-see for families and history buffs alike; highlights include a replica of the infamous pirate ship Revenge and a close encounter with the most notorious pirate of them all, Blackbeard.

Queen’s Staircase
Walk through the history of Nassau as you climb the Queen’s Staircase to the impressive Fort Fincastle. Named after Queen Victoria, these steps are a major landmark and perfect photo opportunity – make sure you have your camera at the ready, especially by the waterfall. It’s officially made up of 66 steps, although the bottom stair has been paved over, hiding it from view. And, best of all, admission here is free.

Distillery Tour
Sample the spirit of The Bahamas at John Watling’s Distillery, where the company’s signature rum and other tasty tipples are lovingly handmade by master craftsmen. This historic estate overlooks Prince George Wharf, and includes a museum-esque tour and the popular Red Turtle Tavern. Raise your spirits and take Nassau’s most popular distillery tour, then raise your glass to some uniquely Bahamian cocktails.

Boat Life
The sparkling Caribbean Sea is so inviting, it’s easy to see why there are so many seafaring adventures that set sail from Nassau’s harbour. There’s a huge variety of boat trips to choose between, from fishing excursions to scuba diving drops, so there’s bound to be a vessel with your name on it at the docks. We recommend the once-in-a-lifetime voyage to see the famous swimming pigs of the Bahamas - these babes have left the city behind in favour of life in paradise, and who can blame them?