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America Holidays


5 Jun 2016

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The United States isn’t only one of the largest, wealthiest and most powerful nations on earth, it’s also one of the most diverse. From the early 17th Century onwards, immigrants from all over the world have been settling in America, bringing their different cultures and customs with them. The land itself has added to the mix, with densely populated cities and breathtakingly beautiful open spaces, majestic redwood forests and steamy swamps, the plunging depths of the Grand Canyon and the soaring heights of the Rocky Mountains. Even a brief visit will leave you marveling at this fabulous study in contrasts.

Where to go on your American holiday depends entirely on what you want to do. Head to New England if you’re searching for America’s earliest history, gabled churches, rustic antiques, spectacular seafood and plenty of snow. A trip to the Mid-Atlantic will bring you the country’s most densely populated areas, where you can thrill to the excitement of the Big Apple or the classical beauty of the nation’s capital.

If you’re in the mood for sunny weather and warm, friendly people head south for some down-home cooking and hot jazz. To experience the real American heartland, visit the Midwest where rolling farmland gives way to the massive skyscrapers of Chicago. Then on to cowboy country, the great American Rockies where you can ride, hike, canoe and ski in a place where the sky goes on forever. For lovers of arid, desert landscapes and authentic Mexican food, there’s the Southwest, while the Northwest offers you mountains, volcanoes and deserts, not to mention bustling cosmopolitan cities like Seattle. And, for sheer glamour, glitz and gorgeous scenery, there’s no place like California.

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America Weather

America’s weather is as varied as its people and landscape. The overall climate is temperate, although Alaska has arctic conditions while Hawaii and Florida are sub-tropical and are the perfect destination for families. The west coast is drier and warmer than the east coast, and in the middle it’s continental with scorching summers and freezing winters. The south has long, hot summers and gloriously gentle winters. In the Rockies, snow can fall all year round, while the South West has an arid, desert climate. And, if you find yourself missing cool, damp weather, then the north west is the place you want to be.


From the craggy inlets and coves in Maine, to the swampy Everglades of Florida; from the urban sprawls of the East Coast to the vast uninhabited deserts of the Southwest; from the wide waters of the mighty Mississippi, to the thundering Niagra Falls; from snow caped mountains to the Great Plains – all of this is America and all of it is waiting for you.

Things To Do on America Holidays

The world class cuisine and arts of New York City, New Orleans’s famous Mardi Gras Carnival, a sunset walk along the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, cherry blossoms in bloom in Washington DC, the craggy coastline of New England, the swamps of Florida, the Grand Ole Opry House in Nashville, riding the waves in Malibu, skiing at Lake Tahoe, partying in Las Vegas, star-gazing in Hollywood - it’s literally impossible to list all the attractions that holidays in America have to offer. But, whatever you are looking for, there is something here for you, no matter what time of the year you choose to come.


Compared to many countries, America has had a very brief history. After independence from Britain in 1776, the United States expanded westwards towards the Pacific and by 1850 was roughly its current size. But, in 1860, a bloody civil war broke out between the slave-owning southern states and the free states of the north that nearly ripped the young country in two.

The second half of the 19th Century saw massive growth as industries developed and came to challenge those of Britain. People were needed to feed this growth and they came in their millions from around the world, transforming America into a true melting pot. Immigrants headed on ships for Ellis Island off the tip of Manhattan where they were checked for various diseases or signs of being a potential state expense, but only 2 percent were turned away for health reasons. The rest joined their families and friends and headed off across America to begin new lives in the free world.


Camping under the stars in Yellowstone National Park, dining in a celebrity-chef restaurant in Manhattan, listening to jazz in the French Quarter, clubbing in San Francisco or just being seen in Hollywood, the American nightlife is whatever you want it to be. Whatever your tastes or style, there’s something for you on America holidays!

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So, what are you waiting for? For a truly amazing holiday that has it all, it’s time to visit America. With direct flights from all over Britain, this wonderfully alive and vibrant country has never been easier or cheaper to visit. Book today and let On The Beach help make your American dream come true!

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