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March Holidays

Where's hot?

Spring, we see you, but we want more sizzle. If you're sitting there wondering where it's hot in March (because let's face it, it ain't the UK 👀), we've got you covered. You don't even have to go far. Tenerife and Gran Canaria are practically next door (if next door was 4 hours away) and they're dishing out a comfy 18°C and 19°C combo. Solid effort, guys 💪 Of course, if you don't mind sticking on a longer playlist for a long-haul jolly, then Cape Verde takes the cake with a toasty 23°C on the reg. BRB, it's tan time! 🏖️✈️

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Weather in Cape Verde in March

For everyone who isn't a Geography whizz (us), this place is just off Africa's coast, six hours away (basically a Netflix binge away), and it's out here flexing with its 23°C averages in March. Steady on. Cape Verde holidays have a bit of everything: sand and sea for the perfect beach jolly, all-inclusive resorts for all the fun and games, and pools so big you'll be tired after just one lap. Whether you've got your eye on a cheeky week away or a fortnight of pure sunshine, this baby's got your back. That's right. We like big beaches and we cannot lie 🏖️

Weather in Gran Canaria in March

Clear your calendar, 'cause Gran Canaria called and it's got plans for you in March. How does kicking back on the beach sound, soaking up some 19°C warmth? It's that perfect sweet spot between top tanning weather and still being cool enough to take in the sights without too much huffing and puffing. It's a top-tier choice if you're on the hunt for a cheap holiday in March, and there's something for everyone - whether you're travelling with the kiddos or your Gran (Canaria). Get it? 😎

Weather in Tenerife in March

Grab your sunnies, because the Atlantic Ocean's rolling out the sandy carpet, and you're invited. Chilling at a cosy 18°C in March, this place has got you covered for some winter sun. It's got everything from volcanic beaches to fun-packed waterparks and stacks of restaurants for snacks and sangria. Although, we recommend doing that after you've been on the waterslides...

Where else can you go on a March holiday?

Where to go on holiday in March?

The options are endless! You've got dreamy Euro pitstops like Rome and Paris if you fancy a city break closer to home, while the likes of Barbados and the Dominican Republic are your go-to's for soaking up some Caribbean goodness (piña colada, mandatory). You've also got the trusty Canaries for year-round sunshine, guaranteed ☀️

Where to go for a beach holiday in March?

Let's be honest - nine times out of ten, spring is more like autumn in the UK, so we can't blame you for wanting to get some sun. The Canaries are your one-stop-shop for sun, sand and sea action all year round - because they've got that family-friendly, toasty-warm, beachy vibe going on - even if it's the volcanic kind. If you don't mind flying a bit further, then the likes of the Caribbean, Dubai and Florida are also serving up some pretty sunny vibes in March ☀️

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