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December Holidays

Where's hot?

The bells might be ring-ting-tingling for the festive season, but that doesn't mean we're happy about the sniffly noses and freezing toes that come with it. We're chasing that sun all year long, and word on the beach has it that Dubai's still sizzling at a toasty 26°C this time of year, Cancun's close behind at 24°C, and Lanzarote's at the perfect sweet spot - hitting a healthy 19°C. We'll swap the festivities for a fiesta, please ☀️💃

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Weather in Dubai in December

Swap snowflakes for sand dunes this festive season! ✈️ Dubai's not just turning up the heat with a balmy 26°C average in December, but it's also laying out the red carpet with boujee hotels and a never-ending list of activities. From skyscrapers to desert safaris, a Dubai holiday is a surefire way to dial up the festive cheer in a way that won't freeze your buns off 🥶

Weather in Cancun in December

Deck the halls with... palm trees? 🌴 We can make it work. If your Christmas wishlist screams 'sunshine' more than 'snowfall,' Cancun's got your festive feels covered. Clocking in at a toasty 24°C - yep, even in December - Mexico's Caribbean jewel is the place where white sands and blue seas take centre stage. So, why not swap your winter boots for flip-flops and let the Yuletide spirit meet beachy vibes? Feliz Navidad from Cancun 🏖️

Weather in Lanzarote in December

Trade frosty mornings for volcanic vistas in Lanzarote! While everywhere else gets its chilly on, Lanzarote stays consistently cool (but in a warm way ☀️) with averages around 19°C. Perfect for those wanting to dodge the winter blues without the scorching summer sizzle. So, when winter's giving you the cold shoulder, just remember that Lanzarote's sunny vibes are just a plane hop away if you're in the mood for a cheap holiday in December ✈️😎

Where else can you go on a December holiday?

Where's hot in December?

Probably not the UK, let's be honest. But we've gotta give a nod to our ever-reliable Canaries, always serving up that year-round warmth. Having said that, don't sleep on Portugal - especially Madeira - which also keeps things pleasantly mild at this time of year. If you're craving somewhere toastier, you might want to try somewhere long haul. Think...soaking up the sun on a Caribbean beach, or basking in the desert vibes of Dubai. Adventure awaits, no matter your heat preference!

Where are the best holidays for Christmas markets?

Of course, you don't have to keep it toasty on your December holiday! If you're in the mood to wrap up and enjoy the festivities, then city breaks like Rome, Prague, Copenhagen and Budapest are great picks for some of the ol' Christmas market action - mulled wine mandatory, of course 🍷

Where's the cheapest place to go on holiday in December?

Cape Town in South Africa is actually deemed one of the cheapest places to travel in December. Not only do you get to bask in those beachy vibes and soak up the summer warmth, but you'll also dodge those peak price tags. Yep, Cape Town is kind of a December steal, offering all the sizzle without burning a hole in your pocket.

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