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February Holidays

Where's hot?

When spring's playing hard to get, who's got time to wait for that first daffodil to poke through? Not us, that's who. We want those beach vibes ASAP, and if you do too, then we recommend mosying on over to the Red Sea in Egypt for your February holiday - dishing up toasty temps at 21°C. Of course, if you're in more of a go big or go home mood (can relate, and we NEVER go home), then Dubai holidays are where it's at. And don't worry - we can always count on the trusty Canaries for some budget-friendly sunshine, if that's what you're after ☀️

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Weather in Dubai in February

Looking for somewhere where it's hot in February? Dubai's got you covered with a cheeky average of 26°C, which we're pretty sure would fall into Goldilocks' just right category. Toasty enough to ditch the extra layers, but not too hot to play tourist. From boujee hotels to private beaches and whopping waterparks, Dubai's got a bit of something for the whole fam. So what d'ya say? Ready to swap the thermals for thongs? We meant the flip-flop kind, but you do you 👀

Weather in Egypt in February

What's cookin' in Egypt in Feb? Well, aside from a pretty tasty shawarma, scrumptiously warm temperatures, that's what! Like, 21°C warm 🌴 This is your sign to dive into hotels with splashtastic waterparks, endless munchies and drinks (all-inclusive style), and beaches so private you'll think they're all yours. (But they're not, so watch what you're doing with that inflatable unicorn 🦄) The weather in the UK might be giving 50 shades of grey, but Egypt holidays called, and they definitely got the sunshine memo 🏖️

Weather in Fuerteventura in February

When it comes to winter sun, Fuerteventura holidays definitely understood the assignment ☀️ Clocking in at a cosy but not sizzling 18°C, it's your perfect compromise to escaping the UK chill without sweating your patatas bravas off - and it's a great shout for a cheap holiday in February, too. With fun-packed resorts like Corralejo and Caleta de Fuste to explore, you've got everything you need for beaching by day and boogying by night. Get you a destination that does both 💃

Where else can you go on a February holiday?

Where to go on holiday in February?

Well, that all depends what you're into! Classics like Egypt and Cyprus still bring the heat, and the trusty Canaries are always on the menu when it comes to winter sun.

If you're looking for those palm trees and piña colada vibes, then the Caribbean's got your name all over it, and Dubai's desert scene guarantees a bit of sizzle if you don't mind a long-haul flight. (But who doesn't like comfy pillows, delish food brought straight to your seat, and a bank of films to pick from? 👀)

And if you're not too fussed about the whole tanning game, then you can always stay a bit closer to home with a city break. Fan favourites like Rome, Paris and Venice might not bring the warmth, but they definitely bring the sights, cute cafés and the top-notch grub.

Where is best for winter sun in February?

Well, definitely not the UK, that's for sure. Thankfully the more tropical regions like Cape Verde, Thailand and Caribbean destinations like Barbados keep their sunny vibes up through the winter months, so you can always catch a tan there. And for something a bit lighter on the ol' pursestrings, you can always count on the Canaries for some year-round sun ☀️

Where's the warmest place in Europe in February?

We did our research (thanks Google) and found that...*drumroll please*...Tenerife takes the crown for toastiest destination in Feb! You've still got a solid 7 hours of sun to kick back in, and temperatures averaging at a comfy 20ºC. Good for you, Tenners.

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