What’s your dream beach holiday?

Ah, summer. The varied weather at home in the UK always seems to have us pining for a different scene. If it’s scorching hot whilst we’re stuck at home, we want to be by the sea. If it’s raining, well… We always find ourselves dreaming of a sunny, warm beach.

This got us thinking about the dream beaches we’d love to visit. Before we knew it, we were browsing through Pinterest. We found ourselves creating a board full to the brim of beachy inspiration. You can see our efforts here:

Follow OntheBeachUK’s board Our Dream Beach Holiday… on Pinterest.

We’d compiled pictures of golden coasts from right across the globe, and we decided that we wanted to see more boards like this.

So, we’re running a competition. We’re asking bloggers to create their own Pinterest boards that best describe their dream beach. It can include images of places they’ve been or where they would like to go. It just has to be beach-related. We want them to embrace their wanderlust, daydream away and create something unique.

We’re offering a ginormous prize for the winner – £1000 to spend at On the Beach. Who knows, their beach dreams could become a reality. Daydreaming about beaches is something of an occupational hazard for us. It comes with the territory. So, we’re really excited to see what our bloggers come up with.

Is there anything on our board that particularly takes your fancy? Feel free to repin and create your own board too. You never know where that inspiration might take you!

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Written on 12th August 2014 by

Emily Whitehouse

Marketeer and blogger for On the Beach. Lover of all things beachy.

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