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Olu Deniz Holidays

Olu Deniz holidays

Olu Deniz: where beach bumming, paragliding, and cocktail-slurping become the ultimate holiday trifecta.

Destination Highlights

  • Home to the *iconic* Blue Lagoon

  • Long, sunny days in summer

  • Family-friendly fun

  • Tons of activities for the whole crew

What are the best beaches in Olu Deniz?

Olu Deniz is famous for the many shades of blue in its lagoon and sea, glistening away at the foot of the Babadağ mountain. Everything has been built within easy reach of both, so you get a big side of fun with all of the natural beauty, plus there are opportunities to explore along the coast if you get itchy feet.

  • The Blue Lagoon - basically the MVP, ranked as one of the best beaches in the world - no biggie. It's also a protected nature reserve, so you can swim with turtles in the shallows (*resists the urge to break into song*).

  • Belcekiz Beach - the main attraction with all the big hits: soft sand for sprawling out on, ideal swimming conditions and killer mountain views.

  • Kidrak Beach - a short trip via car or boat will get you to this cute spot, nicknamed 'Paradise Beach' for its calm shores and gorg cliffs.

  • Butterfly Valley Beach - for a true escape into nature, take a boat trip out to this tip-top beach where you can chill with the butterflies. 'Cause why not?

What are the top hotels in Olu Deniz?

Spoiler alert: Olu Deniz doesn't make you choose between beach vibes and nature escapes. These top hotels are your one-way ticket to making the most of your holiday in Turkey.

Popular Olu Deniz hotels

Weather in Olu Deniz

























Let's talk Olu Deniz weather. Seriously, if this place were a Spotify playlist, it'd be all bangers, no clangers!

Picture this: swaying palm trees, clear blue skies, and a climate so consistent you could set your watch to it. Olu Deniz brings the heat, and we're not just talking about the beach volleyball games. In the summertime, we're talking scorching temps around 30°C—perfect for working on that tan or showing off your new swimwear. Winters? They're as mild as that 'spicy' ketchup your grandma loves, hanging around a pleasant 15°C.

Thinking of when to pack your bags? Well, if you fancy the kind of heat that has you reaching for the SPF 50, May to September is where it's at. But if you're more into that 'enjoying the beach without turning into a lobster' vibe, consider the shoulder seasons of late spring and early autumn.

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How long does it take to fly to Olu Deniz?

It takes about four and a half hours to fly to Olu Deniz from the UK.

What's the time difference between the UK and Olu Deniz?

Olu Deniz is three hours ahead of the time in the UK.

What currency do they use in Olu Deniz?

The official currency of Olu Deniz is the Turkish Lira.

What language do they speak in Olu Deniz?

The official language spoken in Olu Deniz is Turkish.