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Low-deposit holidays

"How low...can you go?" Words spoken by two people: the guy hosting the beach limbo contest, and our manager when asking about our deposit scheme. We're still mastering our limbo skills, but thankfully we've nailed that second one. We see holidays as a necessesity around here - as essential as good Wi-Fi or coffee in the morning or gherkins on a burger (fight us). That's why we've slapped the same teenie-tiny (£30pp) deposit on all of our holidays,* so you can get your next jolly in the bag for the same price as a family feast at Maccies, or a few rounds at your local pub. We know which we'd choose 🏖️

*Our low deposits apply to all holidays booked at least 45 days in advance.

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Cheap low-deposit holidays

Let's be real - what's the point of a totally zen vacay if the booking process before it is off-the-charts stressful? We're not about it. We keep things easy-breezy around here with FlexiPay plans so you can pay for your jolly in a way that suits you - in one big chunk, or smaller bite-sized instalments. Top it off with one of these cheap holidays, and you've got yourself a deal that's borderline criminal. Seriously - nab it quick before the boss catches on 👀

Low-deposit family holidays

Whisking the whole fam away for some sun, sand and sea action? Sounds cute, but we know it can hit your wallet harder than Dad's front when he bellyflops into the pool. At least, that's what we've heard - we've never actually experienced it, because we're all about great-value hotels (like our all-inclusive ones where everything's covered) and prices so low you'll be doing a double take. From toddlers to teens, it's no easy feat keeping everyone happy, but these sweet deals are a great way to start. Bish, bash, beach 🏖️

Low-deposit city breaks

If beaches aren't your vibe, then first of all - we're not sure how you found our website, but thanks for sticking around, and secondly - what's your problem? We're kidding! Beach holidays might have a special place in our heart, but we're adding more and more city breaks to our catalogue by the day. That means you can slap down a low deposit and get your selfie with the Eiffel Tower, stuff your face with pasta in Rome and pretend you're part of the Friends group in New York. It's giving ✨ main character ✨ energy.

Low-deposit couples' holidays

Date night just got way more interesting. Whether you're all about that poolside PDA, or your idea of romance is drinking each other under the table and making your karaoke debut (Celine Dion, thanks for asking), we've got couples' holidays for all of that. We've even got adult-only goodies so you can escape the kiddos and slurp your sangria without so much as a hint of Baby Shark in the background. Just slap down your low deposit (you can redecorate the living room next year) and you could be jetting off to Tenerife, Turkey or Spain later. That's how we roll ☀️

Low-deposit holidays to Turkey

If value's the game, then Turkey's winning. Think cheap flights, scorchio weather (you hear that, UK?), and budget-friendly hotels that scrimp on prices but definitely don't scrimp on fun. Seriously, waterparks, mile-long activity programmes and nightly entertainment are all part of the norm here. And don't forget the stacked buffets and Blue Flag beaches, which basically means they get a big fat stamp of approval from the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE). Impressed? Same. Bagsy one of these with our lower-than-low deposits and you're laughing 🤑

Low-deposit holidays to Greece

Got your heart set on the land of sun, ouzo and feta, but your bank account's giving you the side eye? Don't sweat it, we've got some absolute steals on top of our £30pp deposit scheme, so you can say yassou to any one of these hotels. (That's hello in Greek, btw - you might want to make use of that DuoLingo subscription before your trip...) Whether you're craving some downtime on the mainland or you're in the mood to island-hop your way around some Insta-worthy icons, a holiday to Greece is something we always approve of.

Low-deposit holidays to the Canaries

Bagging your slice of Canaries paradise is easier than ever with our low deposits and top deals. Doesn't matter if you've got your beady eye on Lanzarote's epic coastline, Gran Canaria's gorg hotels or the sizzling year-round sunshine that ALL of these islands offer - we've always got something up our T-shirt sleeve (besides the dodgy tan lines), and these bargains are just the tip of the iceberg. Not literally, though. 'Cause like we said...they're always hot 🥵

What is a low deposit holiday?

Exactly what it says on the tin! You don't have to fork out your life's savings to get your holiday in the bag. If you're jetting off no sooner than 45 days from when you book, then you can slap down a £30pp deposit to secure your jolly, and pay the rest of the cost later.

How does On the Beach's low deposit scheme work?

Simple, really. If you book a jolly at least 45 days in advance (that's only about a month and a half, so you can still zip off relatively last-min!), then you can slap down a £30pp deposit and pay the rest of the cost later - either all in one go, or in smaller chunks. Our flight-inclusive package holidays are also ATOL protected, so you've got that extra bit of security to put your mind at ease.

Can I pay for a low-deposit holiday in instalments?

You absolutely can! If you book your holiday at least 45 days in advance, then you can get it in the bag for a low deposit and then pay the rest of the cost in instalments. We'll show you all the available payment options when you make your booking and then you can select the one that takes your fancy. It's all easy breezy.

Do holidays get cheaper the more last minute you book?

You can definitely bag a last-minute bargain if you don't mind waiting, but if you book in advance with us (at least 45 days), then you can take advantage of our low deposits and flexible payment plans, so whatever your holiday style, we always guarantee you a good deal. We're nice like that.

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