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6 Dec 2015

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Great Value Romantic Breaks

Romantic Breaks

Find a Romantic Break with your other half!

Can you think of anything more romantic than a beach? Of course not! Idyllic beaches are the perfect place to spend a romantic break with your loved one, far from the distractions of everyday life. Spend every waking minute with the apple of your eye on a beach in the roasting hot sun.

A holiday with only yourself and your partner is just about the most romantic thing you can do together - whether you're a new couple or have spent many years together. Certain things are synonymous with romantic breaks: beautiful surroundings, great food and drink, seclusion, pampering and relaxation are just some of the things that come to mind. Whether you’re on a short break or an indulgent longer holiday, it’s the same combination of things that make a romantic holiday for two unlike any other holiday.

Favourite types of Romantic Breaks

Luxurious Romance

Luxury Holidays

Something Lovely

Make memories unforgettable by choosing from any of our Five Star Hotels and dreamlike beach destinations.

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Summer Lovin'

Summer Holidays

The Season of Love

The only thing that beats a great summer holiday, is a romantic summer holiday with your partner... and lots of champagne.

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Couples Holidays

Couples Holidays

Beach Breaks for Couples

If romance isn't your thing, you're still allowed to go on holiday as a couple... without any of the cheese. Do 'romantic' your own way.

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Of course, depending on the couple, the perfect romantic break could be any number of things in any number of places. No single stretch of sand will be every couple’s idea of the ideal beach. So if you’re planning a beach getaway with your other half or if you want to surprise them with a romantic treat, it’s important to think about what you want from your holiday.

Top Romantic Destinations

The first decision to make is usually the destination. How long are you planning to be away for? If it’s a short weekend break or just a few days, it’s worth bearing in mind that travelling isn’t particularly romantic (unless you’re on a private jet), so the nearer the beach, the more time you’ll get on the sand as opposed to in the air or on the road.

Top Romantic Hotels

Once you’ve decided on a destination, the next thing to choose is a hotel. These days, there are a number of hotels designed purely for couples, and many of them are exclusively for adults. Even if you’ve got your own family, it’s unlikely that you’ll want to be surrounded by screaming kids on your romantic break! Make sure you do your research when it comes to choosing your hotel. If a hotel is designed for families, it’s likely to say so in the description, and "family-friendly" usually equals full of children!

Finally, romantic breaks should never involve rushing around trying to cram as much in as possible. It’s your time to enjoy each other with no distractions. During a short break, keep activities to a minimum – if you’ve only got a couple of days, spend them relaxing together, especially if your normal lifestyle is quite hectic. On a more lengthy escape, treat yourselves to things you wouldn’t ever do at home. Go on a camel trek, have a romantic dinner under the stars, take a sunset cruise, or simply order room service and confine yourselves to your room all night!