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Party Holidays

Party Holidays

The party don't start 'til you fly in ✈️ If peaceful pool days and quiet nights sound like one big snooze fest to you, then these jollies are your ticket to party island. Or wherever you decide to go, but...you get the idea. We've got party hotels from A(yia Napa) to Z(ante) - and they've got it all: wild parties, poolside DJs, wacky entertainment and bars that never close (seriously, we're talking a 24-hour kinda deal). And, when you wake up feeling a bit rough around the edges (been there, done that, got the suspiciously-stained T-shirt), you'll even have a bit of home comfort to put the pep back in your step. 'Cause everyone knows there's nothing a Full English with a side of hashbrowns can't fix (looking at you, Ibiza Rocks). So, up to the challenge? Let's swap those flip-flops for dancing shoes and fiesta like there's no tomorrow πŸ’ƒ Plus, with our party holidaying deals, you'll be dancing from the minute you press book...

Best party hotels in Ibiza

The Vengaboys didn't write a song about this place (and a bangin' one at that) for nothing. Ibiza holidays are the land of legendary parties, boozy beach clubs and DJ sets that'll have you dancing like nobody's watching - because they won't be. They'll be WAY too busy busting their own moves and flagging the bartender down for another mystery cocktail. From the iconic Ibiza Rocks with its star-studded line-ups to Ushuaïa with its wow-worthy suites and the ever-so classic Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza, these three know how to make some noise, and we're SO here for it 🎡🎢

What's on in Ibiza this summer?

Well, we can tell you what's definitely not on in Ibiza this summer: drizzly BBQs and pub karaoke. Nope, that's just the UK with its questionable idea of what 'summer' actually is. Ibiza nightlife kicks it up a notch, with a regularly rotating calendar of world-class events, bangin' beats and famous faces. Luckily for you, we've picked the best from the rest - so mark your calendar, because this is exactly what's on in Ibiza in 2023.


Yoga & Brunch - πŸ“ Vanilla Beach

Every Monday 8:30 - 10:30

Hear us out - this might be THE perfect cure if you went a bit too heavy the night before. You'll start with a super-chilled 1-hour yoga flow, and then top it off with a healthy but delicioso brunch - with everything from loaded acai bowls to classic avo toast and oozy omelettes. Yep. We're drooling.

Flower Power - πŸ“ Pacha

Every Monday night

If you can't hack a late night, then you might wanna skip this one - it starts at midnight and runs until 6AM, so you can kiss that early night goodbye. This party's a popular one with the locals, celebrating all the peace and love vibes with music from throughout the decades, so expect 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s bangers.

The Vibes Party - πŸ“ Es Paradis Club

Every Monday from 1st May - 23rd October

Say a big beachy hello to Ibiza's biggest urban music party, with DJ Policy bringing all the good vibes to Es Paradis. Think everything from R&B to hip-hop and reggaeton, with a healthy dash of luminous lights and free-flowing drinks. And on a school night, too. That's bold.


TiΓ«sto DJ sesh - πŸ“ Ushuaia Ibiza Beach Hotel

Every Tuesday from 4th July to 29th August

If you haven't heard of this Dutch DJ, then just know that fans of Mix magazine once voted him 'The Greatest DJ of All Time' - that's good enough for us. He's got a few genres up his sleeve, but if electronic and house is up your street, you're in for a good time.

CAMELPHAT - πŸ“ Pacha

Every Tuesday from 23rd May to 3rd October

This DJ duo might win the award for weirdest name ever, but Dave and Mike are actually absolute legends, and they're here to bring a live set of current chart-toppers along with good ol' throwbacks.

CAMELPHAT - πŸ“ Pacha

Every Tuesday from 23rd May to 3rd October

This DJ duo might win the award for weirdest name ever, but Dave and Mike are actually absolute legends, and they're here to bring a live set of current chart-toppers along with good ol' throwbacks.

Drop-in Jam Sessions - πŸ“ IBANGO

Every Tuesday in summer from 8PM to 11:30PM

If you're not looking for anything too cray-cray, then these FREE, drop-in jam sessions are gonna be your...well, jam. There's no alcohol, but you can stop by for a bit of spontaneous music and dancing. Feel free to watch or actually take part - it's all chilled here!


Toy Room - πŸ“ LΓ­o Ibiza

Every Wednesday from 17th May to 4th October

No, it's not a room full of toys (although there is a teddy bear involved - we'll get to that). This is one of the most famous nightlife brands in the world, with hip-hop, R&B and reggaeton beats to get you moving, and cute teddybear mascot, Frank (we're not kidding, that really is his name), will be there to join the party. Happy hump day indeed.

Lost in Ibiza Boat Party + Amnesia Party - πŸ“ Amnesia

Every Wednesday from 12PM

Ain't no party like a boat party, and this crew know it. Hop aboard a boujee catamaran alongside 200 other party-loving shipmates for an afternoon of live sets from international house DJs, lounging about on the outdoor deck and slurping on your fave cocktails from the on-board bar. There's even a stop for some swimming/diving/floating about with fun inflatables, and if you choose the '+ Club' ticket then you'll finish the whole thing with free transport to Amnesia so you can keep the party going.

House in Paradise - πŸ“ O Beach Ibiza

Every Wednesday until 4th October

This is the pool party of all pool parties, with a jazzy line-up of house music and wow-worthy performances - including special guests and some (rather strange) surprise appearances from mythical creatures and Greek Gods. We don't have a clue what's going on, but we're here for it. Ed Sheeran is among the list of acts who've graced the stage at this event in the past, and if it's good enough for Ed, it's good enough for us.


Waves and Moves - πŸ“ Nikki Beach

Every Thursday

Thursdays just got a whole lot better, thanks to the guest DJs who bring the party vibes to this place. Dance the day (and night) away with rhythmic beats right by the pool.

ON111 - πŸ“ O Beach Ibiza

Every Thursday until 5th October

Non-stop, feelgood old-school classics - that's what we're talking about. Garage legend DJ Spoony will be owning the stage at this party, with a mix of R&B, garage, hip-hop and soulful house music. We just want to know if DJ Forky's gonna make an appearance too...

AMAZONA - πŸ“ Blue Marlin Ibiza

Every Thursday

Wear your comfy shoes, 'cause you're gonna be dancing 'til dawn at this place. Expect catchy Latin beats mixed with electronic music. Try not to dance - we dare you.


Ibiza Anthems - πŸ“ Ibiza Rocks Hotel

Every Friday from April - September

If you can't hack a late night, then you might wanna skip this one - it starts at midnight and runs until 6AM, so you can kiss that early night goodbye. This party's a popular one with the locals, celebrating all the peace and love vibes with music from throughout the decades, so expect 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s bangers.

Calvin Harris Party - πŸ“ Ushuaia Ibiza Beach Hotel

Friday afternoons until 25th August

We're gonna hedge our bets in assuming that if you're on this page, you probably know who Calvin Harris is. But in case you didn't, he's a super famous DJ, producer, singer and songwriter. This time he'll be hitting the decks for some high-energy sets paired with funky visuals - all right by the pool.

Guy Gerber Rumors Party - πŸ“ Playa Soleil

Every Friday from 6PM until 29th September

Israeli electronic DJ, producer and musician, Guy Gerber, is the main headliner for the iconic Rumors party this year. Hit the beach for a fun-filled fiesta of electronic music and exciting artists.


Soul Heaven - πŸ“ O Beach Ibiza

Every Saturday this summer, apart from 26th August

Get your sequins on and prepare for an afternoon of soulful, disco beats. Soul Heaven is on all summer long, and this year's theme is 'Heavenly Creatures'. We don't know exactly what that means, but we do know it sounds like a good time. Even the grumpiest of grumps can't hang around this place without cracking a smile.

DJ Howard - πŸ“ La Escollera

Every Saturday during summer, from 1PM to 6PM

Nothing beats an afternoon sesh, and this is the place to have it. Not only does this restaurant serve up a scrumdiddlyumptous menu, but DJ Howard will be lighting the place up with lively beats every Saturday afternoon this summer - and you're not gonna want to miss it. Seriously, we're really jel. Lobster paella and bangin' tunes? It's a combo we didn't know we needed.

Pikes House Party - πŸ“ Pikes Ibiza

Every Saturday during summer, from 9PM

Saturday night, we feel the air is getting hot... 🎡 Prepare for a night of guest DJs, weird and wonderful performers and a sunset terrace for 10/10 Ibiza vibes.

Amazing Sundays - πŸ“ Nikki Beach Club

Sunday afternoons

We love an event that does what it says on the tin - and this is exactly that. Up for an amazing Sunday? You've come to the right place! Resident DJs and special guests come together (with cocktails and champers, of course), to create a lively atmosphere of classical music with a twist - from sax beats to electric violin sets. It's giving 'classy'.

Old's Cool - πŸ“ Tanit Beach

Every Sunday from 1PM until 8PM

Okay all you cool kids - this one's for you. Old's Cool is Ibiza's most retro event on the island, so if you fancy dancing the afternoon (and evening) away to 70s, 80s, 90s and 00s hits on the beach - sign yourself up.

Showtime Sunday - πŸ“ Blue Marlin Ibiza

Every Sunday from 2PM, until 8th October

A legendary day-to-night seafront event where the finest DJs take the stage to get you dancing 'til sunset. With a mix of deep melodies and uplifting island beats, there's bound to be something that gets you grooving. Sundays, a day of rest? Not here.

Best party holidays to Zante

Zante nightlife has got those party-going, drinks-flowing, sun-showing, it-definitely-(don't sue us)-won't-be-snowing, no-signs-of-slowing kind of vibes. It's like the fun aunt of Greek holidays. The parties here are based more along the main strip than they are at the hotels, but that means you can head out for a night on the town and still get a good night's kip once you're home - whatever time that might be πŸ‘€ Hey, we're not judging. Get your glow sticks out and let the good times roll, that's what we say.

Where to go for a party holiday

These top spots get a 10/10 on the fun scale. Early night who?

Best party hotels in Ayia Napa

Clubbing holiday 🀝 beach jolly. Name a better combo. We'll wait. (OK, time's up - there isn't one.) There's definitely more to a Cyprus holiday than clubs and cocktails, but Ayia Napa nightlife is packed with enough beaches, bars and boat trips to keep the good vibes going all night. We've picked out these three absolute beauts smack dab in the middle of it all - so you're never more than a hop, skip and a jump away from the action. And ironically, that's exactly how we get home after three-too-many piña coladas 🍹

More party holidays

MORE? OK, we hear ya. (And we approve.) Well, we might have covered the top dogs, but there's plenty more where that came from. Check out these fun-packed hotels for even more of the fun stuff - from adults-only waterparks (two words: yes. please.), to 24-hour pool bars and the raunchy parties of Temptations Cancun πŸ‘€ Hey, whatever floats your banana boat 🍌

Hotel Highlight

Ibiza Rocks - San Antonio, Ibiza

An icon in the partying holiday scene, the Ibiza Rocks Hotel is more than just a hotel. Pool parties, world-famous DJ performances and a whole host of different events throughout the summer are exactly what Ibiza Rocks is all about. If you're looking for a party, this is the hotel you NEED to visit. Trust us.

Ibiza Rocks  is our hotel highlight, with deposits from Β£30pp (restrictions apply). Take advantage of our wonderful product offer and payment plans to get your next sunny beach break.

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