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All Inclusive Holidays in the Balearics

Alright, let's keep it real - fancy a no-worries vacay? The Balearics are calling! We're talking all-inclusive goodness where your biggest headache is choosing between another round of mojitos in Majorca, boogying in Ibiza, or going on a treasure hunt for Menorca's secret beaches. Your wallet? You won't need that where we're going. Just bring your party pants and plenty of sunscreen, and get ready to milk every ounce of fun under the Balearic sun. Get a load of our cheap holidays abroad and let’s bounce to the Balearics, where 'all-you-can' applies to...well, pretty much everything!

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Popular all-inclusive holidays in the Balearics

Hit up the Balearics where ‘all-inclusive’ is the golden ticket to a carefree holibobs. Say ‘adios’ to budgeting woes and ‘hola’ to bottomless sangria, beach-hopping goodness, and enough poolside lounging to make your Instagram followers green with envy. These top-notch hotels we've picked out have got your back, no extra euros needed. Welcome to the kind of jolly where the only thing you'll be checking is the sunshine, not the prices!

All-inclusive holidays in the Balearics for families

Pack up the kiddos, because the Balearics are calling for a family fiesta where ‘all-inclusive’ means parents get a break too! Imagine a sunny trip to Majorca, Ibiza, or Menorca where your biggest decision is whether to hit the beach or the buffet first. These islands are like a treasure chest of family fun, with splash pools, kids' clubs, and adventures galore. Sip on some stress-free sangria while the little pirates embark on a quest for fun - with all snacks, meals, and entertainment pre-paid, it's a smooth sail for the whole crew. Let's set sail to the Balearics, where family memories come easy and your wallet gets a holiday, too!

All-inclusive holidays in the Balearics for couples

Alright, couples! Fancy a cheeky getaway where your biggest worry is whether to have another scoop of gelato or another cheeky cocktail? The Balearics are calling your name – think all-day brekkie buffets, sunloungers you don’t have to fight for, and beach bars where they know your drink after day one. Whether you’re in for the lazy beach days in Majorca or the all-night dance parties in Ibiza, going all-inclusive means you're free from the hassle of splitting bills or dibsing the last churro. Pack your flip-flops and your best ‘out of office’ vibe – it’s time to make your mates back home jealous with those sunset selfies! #couplegoals

Things to do in the Balearics

Got a ticket to the Balearics? Oh, you’re in for a treat! Majorca's got caves cooler than the hotel air con, and if you fancy yourself a bit of a merperson, Menorca’s snorkelling is ace. Ibiza? More like Vib-za with those legendary beach parties. And when your stomach’s growling louder than the DJ's beats, there are tapas joints that’ll have you singing ‘Olé!’ between mouthfuls. From family fun under the sun to romantic strolls and fiestas that last until the sun peeks out, the Balearic Islands are where your holiday snaps will make everyone back home green with envy.

Where to stay in the Balearics

Planning a Balearics bonanza? Ibiza's got the beat, Menorca's got the chill, and Majorca is the jack-of-all-trades! Ibiza is the king of clubs – perfect if you’re up for some party action. For something quieter, sneak off to Menorca's sleepy villages and hidden coves – pure bliss for recharge-seekers. And Majorca? It's the ultimate pick 'n' mix destination with buzzing beachfronts, mountain hideaways, and everything in between. So whether you're a party animal, a peace-lover, or a bit of both (guilty!), the Balearics have got your back for a fab vacay. Pack your bags and pick your paradise!

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