Why you should go long-haul on your next jolly

Long-haul holidays are the best. Bold statement, we know. But you know what else is bold? Wearing Speedos to the beach… and you betcha we’ve done that, too. Life’s all about stepping out of your comfort zone and trying new things. Because, sure, that little beach you go to every year is nice and sunny, and a pretty decent choice for a last-minute dash, but what if we said you could go to a land far, far away for that same £30pp deposit. That’s right Snow White, you could swap Majorca for Mauritius and pay no more on the deposit. Of course those short-haul weekend breaks will always have a special place in our hearts, but right now, we’re all about livin’ la vida long-haul. And we’ll tell you for why…

1. Flying is a breeze

Picture this: you’re all settled in your comfy seat, drink in hand (hotels aren’t the only all-inclusive part about a long-haul holibob) and all that’s left to do is sit back and relax with the in-flight entertainment on that li’l screen in front of you…

You can watch the latest movies, catch up on telly, groove to some tunes, or set the kiddywinks up in front of some video games. Plus, you’ll have a toasty blanket to cosy under, a pillow for when you fancy a snooze, and when it comes to meal times, you’ll actually be pleasantly surprised by how delish the food is – it’s a whole three course situation! Trust us, the journey might be a bit longer, but that time just flies by…

2. The destinations are dreamy

There is no better feeling than taking a penny to a scratch off map once you’ve ticked off a new destination. Well, other than being poolside with a Fanta limon, but the scratch off map is definitely up there. And while your annual holiday to Fuerteventura has a fun family waterpark, so does Dubai. And, sure, Rome does good pasta, but you’ve not lived until you’ve chowed down on a New York pretzel. Lucky for you, we’ve got fab deals to both of these places! And these ones, too…

Mexico for a beachin’ break, this is the place to be. You’ve got colourful festivals, beach clubs galore and shores covered in coconuts that have dropped from the many many palm trees… what we’re hearing is ‘paradise’. Plus, the hotels here are jam-packed with live entertainment, crackin’ kids’ activities for the little’uns and swim-up bars for some chilled-out adult time. Just take a look at Iberostar Selection Cancun and thank us later.

Thailand – The Land of Smiles, they call it. And boy, will you be grinning from ear to ear as you tuck into that world-famous street food, explore the amazing temples, or just spend some time lounging on the sandy beaches of Phuket. We know just the hotel for it: Diamond Cliff Resort and Spa.

MaldivesHoneymooners, this one’s for you. These tiny islands are surrounded by oodles of fish for top-notch snorkelling trips, and if you opt for an overwater villa at one of the resorts, you can see said fishies from your bath! Adaaran Club Rannalhi is just the ticket for a romantic break.

3. You can go boujee on a budget

Going that extra mile doesn’t have to break the bank, you’ve just gotta be spending savvy about it, like spreading the cost over a good few months with flexible payment options. That way, you don’t have to fork out for a holiday all in one go, and you can split it out into manageable chunks in the time before you jet off. Plus, when it’s possible to book a long-haul jolly for less money than a short-haul one, including that £30pp deposit, it’s pretty much a no-brainer. Don’t take our word for it, have a gander at this PriceWatch comparison*…

Illa Dor Club Apartments ⭐⭐⭐

Puerto de Pollensa, Majorca

7 Nights ▪ Bed & Breakfast

  • A short stroll from the beach
  • Two pools, one outside and one indoors
  • Lounge bar
  • Sea view restaurant
  • Tennis courts

💸 £2,123

Namaka Resort Kamala ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Phuket, Thailand

7 Nights ▪ Bed & Breakfast

  • Right by the beach
  • Three swimming pools (plus a slide!)
  • Swim-up pool bar
  • Sea view restaurant
  • Thai cooking classes

💸 £1,760

What we’re saying is, you can perk up your travel time with free in-flight extras, explore a brand new destination and save £363 on your holiday?! If that doesn’t make you want to scream ‘take me to Thailand!’, we don’t know what will.

4. You get FREE airport lounge access** when you book with us

Yeah, you heard that right. Speaking of going boujee on a budget: when you book your long-haul trip with On the Beach before 17th September 2023 you can bag yourself one of those comfy sofas in the swanky airport lounge and start your trip in style, meaning you can go extra, not pay extra. We’re talking unlimited prosecco at 6am, tiny pain au chocolats for a pre-flight treat and all that other good stuff. They do hot food, too… and beer… lots of beer…

Find out more about living that long-haul life with our most frequently asked Qs about long-haul.

*Searches conducted on 24th July 2023 for 2 adults travelling for 7 nights, arriving on 4th October 2023. Package holiday price checked including hotel, flights, hold luggage and transfers.

**Terms apply. Find out all you need to know here, and check your local airport is getting in on the fun.

Written on 4th September 2023 by

Lucy Boynes

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