The worst things about beaches

Now, we love beaches as much as the next person – probably more. Beaches are great. But hey, we’re realists; we know that beaches aren’t perfect. In fact, we’ve been having a think and we’ve come up with the worst things about beaches. See if you agree…



No one likes sand, surely? I mean, apart from when it’s wet and malleable and you can make cool sandcastles with it. It also feels nice to walk on barefoot. And I guess it’s good to write things in… Okay, sands alright, we’ll let you have sand.



How annoying are waves though? You’re stood there, minding your own business and then whoosh, a wave comes along and nearly knocks you off your feet. Although there was that one time when your dad got floored by that really big wave and it was HILARIOUS. And I guess wave machines are quite fun, so ACTUAL waves should surely be better…. okay waves are pretty good.

Water sports

Remember the time you fell off that banana boat and everyone laughed? Yes, it’s a great anecdote now and you did have a good time once you’d managed to get back on and it did get you chatting to that group of friends who ended up making the holiday and… What were we talking about?

Beach games

Beach Volleyball Net

Want to play beach volleyball? No. No we don’t. We’re strictly bat and ball kind of people. Okay, you twisted our arm, what are the rules again?

No Wi-Fi

There’s nothing worse than being without Wi-Fi on – ha! We couldn’t even finish that sentence. You’re on holiday! What do you need Wi-Fi for? Have a conversation or something…


So there you have it – The worst things about beaches. In hindsight, we should have had a more tangible argument before starting this article. Oh well.

**In case you missed the irony in this article and genuinely think there are bad things about beaches – you’re wrong, beaches are perfect ❤️**

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Written on 25th November 2015 by

Emily Whitehouse

Marketeer and blogger for On the Beach. Lover of all things beachy.

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