The best beach hacks

We recently conducted some research into the destinations with the most Blue-Flag beaches and it got us thinking. What could we do to make your next trip to the beach that little bit easier? Well, we’ve done some digging (get it?!) and are proud to present the the best beach hacks to keep in mind for your next family holiday…

Keep your phone sand-free

Jetting off with your loved ones is the best time of the year, so you’ll want to take as many photos as possible when you’re at the beach. Keep the sand out of your phone by placing it in a clear, plastic bag. The touch screen will still work and you won’t be finding grains of sand in your phone for the remainder of your hol… 

Store toys in a mesh bag

Taking toys to the beach? Don’t risk leaving anything behind and take a mesh bag along with you to store everything in. The bag is light and easy to carry and means that you can transport as many toys as you wish to and from the beach. 

Use a bed sheet to create a sand-free space 

Sand-covered kids can mean sand-covered everything. Create your own space by taking a fitted bed sheet and pin the corners up, keeping everything you need inside the sheet – even the littlest ones… 

Remove sand with talcum powder 

Speaking of sand-covered kids… those little grains can take days, even weeks to get rid of it completely – we’re looking at you flip-flops.  Take along some talcum powder on your next visit and apply this to get the sand off you and your little ones.

Use aloe vera to reduce the risk of sun burn

Whether you’re susceptible to sunburn or just love to spend (just a little bit) too much time in the sun, it’s best to prepare some aloe vera ice cubes. Freeze the night before and pop them in a cooler bag on your trip to the beach. If you or a family member begin to feel a little burnt, apply the cubes for instant relief.   

Store valuables in an empty sun cream bottle

Want to go and play in the sea with your bambinos but don’t want to leave your phone and money behind? Wash out an empty sun cream bottle, cut it in half and store any valuables in here. This hack also works with empty tins and any non-clear bottles. 


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Written on 5th July 2018 by

Joshua Carry-James

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