Picture your perfect family holiday…

Perfect family holidays start with plenty of sun, sea and sand, topped off with a great pool to practise those dives and lots of new places to explore.

But what else makes a fantastic holiday for the whole family? We’ve been asking family bloggers to tell us how they picture their perfect family holiday for the chance to win it, and we’ve had some great entries so far – from Italy to the classic trip to Disneyland!

Take a look and tell us which one you’d go for…

Mum of two, Fiona, at mummyslittlestars.com

“We try to get away every year, although since having children we haven’t ventured outside of the UK. I do miss my city breaks and trips abroad but decided to wait until the children had moved on from the baby stage, out of nappies and didn’t need a pushchair abroad. Well, I think that time has finally come, with Mister B turning three tomorrow and Miss being five. We need to take that adventure on an aeroplane and start exploring foreign ground.


“My children’s ideal holiday is sitting on a beach, playing in the sand with a pool to mess around in, the sea to explore and lots of sun, so a great place to find all those things is the Balearics. With guaranteed sunshine mummy can sunbathe with her book, while daddy can help build huge sandcastles in the miles of golden beaches. Then we can all take a dip in the amazing swimming pools for some family afternoon fun to cool down. The family hotels in the Balearics have so much more to offer with kids clubs to give me and daddy a bit of child-free time, lots of new flavours to taste in the all-inclusive restaurants and we can even do a spot of shopping in the local town.”

Mum of three, Anna, at intheplayroom.co.uk

“Some readers may remember me posting before about wanting to go to Florida, so when designing my picture perfect holiday, it was an easy choice for me!


“I would love to take the children on holiday to Orlando, Florida, to visit Disneyland. This is somewhere I’ve wanted to go since I was a child so now would love to go and experience the magic together with my children! They would love to see the fireworks over the enchanted castle and to go on the rides! I would also like to visit Key West in Florida as it is a beautiful place, ideal for family fun. The boys all love to be by the sea. None of them have been on a plane yet, so the whole trip from start to finish would be a great adventure for them!

“The pictures I have chosen for my collage represent what we would look for in a holiday to Florida: sun, sand and sea, Disney, ice-cream and adventure! And of course lots of smiles and laughs from the children.”

Mum of two, Eileen, at etspeaksfromhome.co.uk

“This year has been such a hectic year that we have not been on a proper holiday. I am so looking forward to escaping the cold, miserable weather to a hot and sunny beach holiday. I would love to go to Dubai with my family. My husband and I went there for our honeymoon and I’ve always looked forward to going again. I would like to show my children the sights and of course enjoy the sunshine!


“I would choose to go to Dubai during December time where UK is cold and miserable. It would be great to get away for Christmas and New Year. My son is always keen to go on a beach holiday and this is him enjoying playing in the sand.”

Mum of two, Penny, at aresidence.co.uk

“For me it has to be Italy every time. Even if I have ended up close to tears at my complete lack of Italian. Even if I have sat on Italian beaches heavily pregnant, mosquito bitten and feeling like a very white, beached whale next to olive-skinned lithe Italians. I still love the place.


“Amazing food, such heaven found in such simplicity. A warm and all-encompassing family welcome for bambinos. Steeped in history, art, architecture and stunning beauty at every turn, every square, every side road, every covered archway, every tower, every building.

“Italia T’iamo. Just wish we could talk more!”

Written on 5th November 2013 by

Holly Shackleton

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