Kids included holidays with On the Beach

We know how important it is to find great value deals and we want to make it as easy as possible. At many of the hotels on our website, in lots of our favourite beach destinations, children can stay for free. However, there are a number of aspects of your booking that can influence the price of your holiday. These are not controlled by On the Beach in any way and can include:

  • Number of adults booked per room
  • Room rates from the travel supplier
  • Board basis
  • Ages of the children

To make the price of your holiday as clear and simple to understand as possible, the price you see displayed on the hotel page is the price you pay per adult for the whole room. Any children on the booking are included in this price.

For more information on this, and to find some family holiday inspiration, visit this page.

**At the time of posting, this article contained content about holidays with free places for kids. The policy has since changed and you can see more information about this by clicking the above link.**

Written on 16th February 2012 by

Lowri Rhys

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