How to keep the kids entertained with pool games

There’s no greater feeling then a refreshing dip in your hotel pool to cool off after a bit of sun soaking. For your kids though, the pool is not just relief from the sun’s heat, it’s often their main source of entertainment, which is why pool games are important to keep them amused throughout the day.

Take a look at our favourites for keeping the kids entertained by the pool…

Pool games for the older ones

Treasure hunt:

Drop some objects at the bottom of the pool and have your kids ‘dive for treasure’. The person with the most objects at the end of the game wins!

Lilo race:

Pool Games - Lilo race

Get your kids to line up at the side of the pool laying front-ways on their lilo. Shout “On your marks, Get set, GO!” and have them race to the other side and back – just make sure you’re looking out for others in the pool! Click here for the video.

Piggy in the middle:

This classic game is easy peasy and only requires a beach ball. One person stands in the middle while two people either side throw the ball between them. The person in the middle has to try and intercept the ball; once they’ve managed this, the person whose ball was intercepted then becomes the piggy in the middle – simple!


Pool Games - Hoopla Splashdown

One person needs to stand in the pool with their arms in the air. The other person sits on the edge of the pool armed with a rubber ring. The person with the ring needs to throw it so that it lands over the other person. Every time there’s a successful throw, have the person in the pool move further away to increase difficulty. Click here for the video.

Pool games for the littler ones

Fishing game:

Get yourself some mini fishing nets and a bucket. Have your tot sat on the edge of the kiddie’s pool and get them to fish out objects from the water (ping pong balls work well here) and put them into the bucket.

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