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Last Minute Holidays to Croatia

Last Minute Holidays

Some last-minute things just aren't the one. Last-minute train delays. Last-minute presents to buy. Last-minute Teams calls with your boss. On the flip-side, some last-minute things, like holidays to Croatia, are 100% the one. Spontaneous sunshine is the best kinda sunshine (just ask ice-cream van drivers). That weekend you thought you were gonna spend walking the dog and doing DIY around the house can now be spent getting lost in cute little towns, sunning yourself stupid on the beach and stuffing your face with fritule (Croatian doughnuts). And hopefully finding someone to look after the dog. Cheers to you finally becoming the reigning champ of the 'who-has-the-best-weekend-plans?' game in the office. And with our all-inclusive and cheap holidays deals, you're sorted right out.

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Popular last-minute holidays to Croatia

Croatia's popularity had more of a slow-burn than the success of Schitt's Creek. At first no one had heard of it, but a few years later everyone's talking about it. We can see why it's such a fave - it's sunny but still cool enough if you don't like it TOO scorchio, and it's got something for everyone - whether you prefer to get out and about or just plonk yourself down on a sun lounger for two weeks straight (guilty). These hotels are holiday chart-toppers because they've all got the best of both worlds. Little bit of old town, little bit of beach. A LOT of Croatian wine. Snap one of these guys up for a last-minute jolly and you could be kicking back by the pool with a glass of rakija faster than you can say ew, David.

Family-friendly last-minute holidays to Croatia

If you fancy mixing it up and shaking it all about when it comes to your next beach holiday, but you've still got the little rascals to think about, then Croatia's the ultimate crowd-pleaser. We're talking hotels right near the beachfront, plenty activities for the kiddos and poolside spots that're shadier than that phone call between Taylor and Kanye. And if you've got the teens with you, where a swing-set and a few slides won't quite cut it anymore, then grab your snorkels and get the fam over to the Dalmatian Coast for a beginners' diving class. Those coral reefs aren't gonna explore themselves!

Last-minute hotels in Croatia for couples

If you're looking to up your dating game (not that we're saying you need to!), then a last-minute holiday might just be THE perfect surprise for your significant O. And when it comes to couples' holidays, Croatia definitely understood the assignment. You've got pools for dunking into, cocktails for slurping on, bars for swimming up to (yep, you read that right - we're looking at you, Hotel Monte Mulini). You've got your kid-free options (again, looking at you Hotel Monte Mulini). And that's all just at your hotel! Venture out and you've also got beaches, vineyards and the old vibes of Dubrovnik which you might recognise as the filming location for all those Game of Thrones episodes you binge-watched together.

Are last-minute holidays to Turkey safe?

Last-minute holidays are safe if you do your research on the destination, book through a reputable travel website or agency, and follow any necessary safety measures when travelling. We've got you covered for the second one, and we can provide any info you need to help with points 1 and 3. We want your jollies to be smooth-sailing - always.

How can you do a Croatia holiday on a budget?

You can save yourself a bit of dosh in Croatia by avoiding staying right in the centre of the most popular resorts - like Dubrovnik and Split. Instead, go for the slightly smaller resorts dotted around them, which are usually cheaper to stay in but still an absolute doddle to commute from and to if you still fancy seeing those central spots.

What's Croatia famous for?

Croatia's known for all sorts of things - primarily for being the filming location for Game of Thrones (hello, Dubrovnik), but also for its pretty waterfalls, ancient ruins and Insta-worthy scenery.

Which is better - Split or Dubrovnik?

Well, there's only one way to find out... Go to both. We're kidding. We'll save you the time and just tell you. Although, honestly - we love both. And we're not just saying that because we sell both and our Marketing Manager would have something to say about it if we played the favourites game. They actually both have their own vibes. Dubrovnik is one for the foodies. It's all about the old towns, the walking, the cute little restaurants and street food stalls. Whereas Split is a bit more affordable and it's a better hub for day trips or nightlife. Both of them have some flippin' great beaches though, so you can probably figure out why we can't pick a fave...

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