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Cycling Holidays

Cycling Holidays

If you love the sound of a holibobs where lycra's the new beachwear and a bad helmet tan is the only souvenir you need, then get in gear. We've got cycling holidays for you and your squad with all the bells and whistles (well, on-site bike hire and killer cycling routes), so you can get that wind-in-your-hair, sand-in-your-spokes feeling. Whether you fancy a spin between the hills in Tenerife, or a breezy pedal along Majorca's coastline, we've handpicked the best of the best. Go on then. On yer bike 🚴

Cycling holidays in Majorca

If you're sick of that same old cycle circuit back home, it's time to switch gears and take your wheels for a spin in Majorca. These three hotel hotties we've picked out are the whole package. We're talking everything from bike hire and scenic routes to repair shops and storage. Plus big ol' buffets so you can fuel up before you hit the tracks, and mahoosive pools to dunk into and soak those aching quads when you're done. Sound good? Pedal this way ⬇️

Cycling holidays in Tenerife

We can always count on trusty Tenners. When it comes to bike routes, Tenerife's got more options than the buffet's got flavours of ice cream. Think everything from sun-baked flats to mountainous climbs (those are cycling routes btw, not flavours of ice cream) - so it doesn't matter if you're an absolute novice or you're more Tour de Flip-Flops than Tour de France. We got you. Well, actually, Tenerife's got you - and so have these hotels 😎

Cycling holidays in Spain

Grab your gear and get ready for a trip to Costa del Cycle. Of course sunny Spain had to be up there with some of the best spots for biking. It might be known for its sea and sangria, but it's also got plenty of routes so you can pedal your way to a good paella. These hotels have everything you need for the road - from local routes, ready-to-ride rentals and even an official 'Bike Friendly' certificate, in Impressive Playa Granada's case. Alright, we'll give them that one. That's pretty impressive.

Turkey's bicycle-friendly certified hotel

Bicycle-friendly certified? Yep, it's a thing, and it's kind of a big deal in the cycling world. All part of a plan to be more eco-friendly, this hotel champions cycling in every way. Expect a garage that's monitored with 24/7 security cameras, charging facilities for electric bikes, a washing area, bicycle rental services, technical support for repairs and maintenance, plus handy extras like menus for sports nutrition, and certified therapists for sports massage!

Emelda Sun Club - the bicycle-friendly certified hotel in Turkey

Popular cycling destinations

What is the most popular cycling destination?

There isn't really one top location that takes the cycling crown (well, it may or may not be the Netherlands, but we don't sell holidays there y̵e̵t̵). There are some pretty popular spots on our radar, though. Majorca is up there as a firm fave for us Brits, thanks to its topsy-turvy terrain of flat roads and rolling hills which make it great for practising on. Portugal and Italy have become increasingly popular with cyclists over the last few years too, but one of the top dogs among professionals is actually Girona in Spain. A lot of professional cyclists live here because of the accessible routes, traffic-free roads and great coffee. Even without the cycling part that sounds pretty fandabidozi.

How do I find the best cycling route?

Well, it's 2024 which means there's an app for everything these days - from what's-this-plant-called? identifiers to virtual drinks coasters (we're not sure either). There are a ton of cycling apps out there, so if you download one of them you'll only be a few clicks away from finding the routes closest to you - no matter where in the world you are. Or, if you fancy doing things the old-fashioned way, you can ask at your hotel. Easy! Reception staff are trained to help with the most weird and wonderful questions, so if you ask them where the best local cycling routes are, they'll be more than happy to help - and chances are, they might even have a few insightful nuggets that you can't get from the apps.

How fit do I need to be for a cycling holiday?

As fit as you feel comfortable being, is the short answer! Our cycle-friendly hotels are super-chill, meaning you can either hire all the gear and go off into the mountains, or keep it easy-breezy with a rental along the promenade. It's totally up to you how daring you want to be, how far you fancy pedalling, and how often you want to do it while you're away. Some destinations even offer guided tours if you'd rather cycle as part of a group - that way you'll always have a professional at hand to keep you on course.

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