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We all do the same when booking a holiday. Look at the pool and then look at the rooms. We understand it. We understand you. The room you'll be staying in on your holiday has to be ideal. Why? Because you can't leave the poolside after a day of relaxing under the sun and head to a room that's not up to scratch. That's why we've pulled together some of the most luxurious, comfortable, affordable and downright outlandish hotel rooms we offer so you know you'll be having a good night's sleep after a cocktail or two.

Best Luxury Hotel Rooms

Everyone loves a little luxury in life. Whether it's a glass of fizz or gold-wrapped chocolates (albeit a full tray in front of the TV might not offer the same vibe), we just embrace it. And some hotel rooms are the epitome of the word. Which hotel rooms exactly? These diamonds.

Best Swim-Up Hotel Rooms

Have you ever thought about having a quick dip in the pool after you wake up but can't be bothered to walk downstairs to the pool? Well, we have saved you. With a swim-up room holiday, you can take a splash by simply rolling over. It renders that classic nursery rhyme a bit more fun, doesn't it?

Best Hotel Rooms with Private Hot Tubs

If we asked you what relaxation looks like, you'll probably say 'hot tub' quite quickly. So, when you combine that with a beach holiday, you're getting a pretty good setup. Hotel rooms with hot tubs sound like a dream...but they aren't, they're real. Yep.

Best Themed Hotel Rooms for Kids

Keeping the kids happy on holiday is a must, whether it be loads of pools or a waterpark. But one thing that can definitely quench their thirst for fun is a themed hotel room. Think pirates, cartoons and more.

Best Unique Stay Hotel Rooms

We're talking about the most outlandish rooms we could find in our directory. Why? Because who doesn't love a little bit of chaos here and there. Yes, your holiday may be relaxing but at least you're relaxing in a one-of-a-kind room.

Best Hotel Rooms with Private Plunge Pools

No need to head down at daft o'clock to reserve a sunlounger because you can get out of bed, make a coffee and walk out into your own private pool. Ah, peace & quiet. Blissful.

Please note that not every room available in the hotels listed benefits from each feature named on this page. Some require an upgrade and some rooms are of limited availability.

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