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Welcome to the land where the beaches are as golden as the churros are tasty, and where you can live the 'no wallet, no worries' dream with an all-inclusive holiday. Imagine: endless plates of paella, sangria on tap, and not a single peseta spent on sunbeds. It's the kind of place where siestas are mandatory and wearing flip-flops to dinner is the norm. So, pack your sunnies (and your appetite), leave your cares at the boarding gate, and prepare to indulge in a seaside fun, fiestas, and free-flowing everything. Cheap holidays to Costa Blanca, where the only thing you’ll be checking is the view!

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Popular all-inclusive holidays in Costa Blanca

Ready to trade your daily grind for some Spanish sunshine and sangria on tap? Welcome to Costa Blanca, the land where the sun loungers are hot, the drinks are cool, and your toughest decision is pool or beach? (No prizes for guessing which we'd pick 🏖️) Dive into a buffet of all-inclusive holidays where "more tapas, please!" is your go-to phrase and your wallet gets a holiday too. From Benidorm's buzz to Calpe's calm, get ready to say "adios" to grocery runs and "hola" to a hassle-free vacay. So, slap on the sunscreen, embrace the buffet belly, and prepare to sip, splash, and salsa your way through Costa Blanca – where the only thing better than the blue waters is the fact that your margarita refills itself. Cheers to that! 🍸

All-inclusive family holidays in Costa Blanca

Strap in, fam! We're off to Costa Blanca, where the only 'bored' you'll hear is from the kids deciding which ice cream flavour to choose next. Forget about cooking or cleaning – all-inclusive family holidays here mean your toughest task is herding the kiddos from the kiddie pool to the beach (good luck!). Sun-screened noses, sandcastle competitions, and a side of "Mum, Dad popped the lilo again," - it's all on the cards. And when the little rascals are off making friends at kids' club, you can sneak in a siesta or a cheeky mojito (we won't tell!). From splash parks to buffets with endless nuggets, Costa Blanca is your golden ticket to a holiday that's as chill for you as it is thrilling for them. Ready, set, relax...

All-inclusive Costa Blanca holidays for couples

An all-inclusive couples' holiday means you can forget about your wallet as much as your worries. Between sips of sangria and choosing between salsa dancing or a moonlit beach stroll, you'll wonder why holidays weren't always this blissfully simple. And when you're not toasting to sunsets or whispering sweet nothings over a candlelit dinner, you can embark on a couple's trip - like a quirky tapas crawl or a goofy paddleboat race. Get ready to crank up the romance (or the laughs!) - Costa Blanca's all about love, laughs, and living it up, no reservations required... except for your hotel, of course.

Things to do in Costa Blanca

Zip-lining in Benidorm gives you an adrenaline buzz better than your morning coffee, while Alicante's old quarter is perfect for a game of "who can spot the most historical stuff". Up for a giggle? Try giggling with a mouthful of tapas at a quirky Levante restaurant. Whether you're splashing about with the fam at Aqualandia or challenging your pals to who-can-get-the-worst-tan-lines, Costa Blanca’s got more fun stuffed into it than your suitcase has socks. Remember, calories don’t count if they’re consumed on holiday, so attack that paella like it's your last meal!

Things to do

Where to stay in Costa Blanca

Costa Blanca is like a buffet of resorts, each one more tempting than the last. Benidorm’s the life of the party, with beaches that never sleep and nights that sparkle with pub crawls. Levante's the cool kid, boasting a stretch of sand where you can toast under the sun by day and dance under the stars by night. And Alicante? Oh, she's the chic one, with a marina that dazzles and streets that whisper elegance. Pick your spot and dive into the fun – Costa Blanca’s serving up the good times all round!

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