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San Antonio


When most people think of Ibiza holidays, their first thoughts are of hot nightlife, and parties that last well past midnight. San Antonio holidays epitomise the party spirit of Ibiza, with streets that light up when the sun goes down, and party animals from around the world that never sleep. If you like the idea of letting your hair down a bit, a holiday to San Antonio is perfect for your Balearics holidays!

Located on the northern coast of Ibiza, San Antonio is as quiet and lovely during the day, as it is the life of the party at night. Don't go looking for sightseeing tours here, San Antonio holidays cater mostly to the 18 - 30's group looking to dance the night away to dance beats. And the hotels in Ibiza, as well as the long sandy shores, offer the perfect place to recuperate after a long night on the town.


The days in San Antonio are a comfortable 30° Celsius, perfect for lying on the sand to rest after a long night which tend to be a pleasant 20° Celsius. Even during the winter months, the temperature in San Antonio rarely drops below 15° Celsius. Be sure to bring plenty of sun cream on your break, those long nights dancing often lead to long days spent sleeping on the sunny sand!

Jan - 13ºC
Feb - 15ºC
Mar - 16ºC
Apr - 18ºC
May - 21ºC
Jun - 24ºC
Jul - 27ºC
Aug - 27ºC
Sep - 25ºC
Oct - 20ºC
Nov - 16ºC
Dec - 13ºC

Things To Do on Holidays

If you're looking for points of historical interest on holidays in San Antonio, a monument to Christopher Columbus sits in the heart of the city. The crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea offer the perfect place for water sport enthusiasts, with diving and skiing quite popular.

In nearby San Antonio Bay, you can find amusement parks that offer fun for kids of all ages whilst the local countryside is the perfect place for a stroll in the afternoon. If golf is your style, Ibiza offers some of the best courses in the Spain. However, the heart of San Antonio is the nightlife!

Things to do: Culture

San Antonio is known for being the party capital of Ibiza, if not Europe. Each summer San Antonio is filled with young tourists from around the world who flock here for the nightclubs, bars, and sunrise cafes that line the sandy shores. The perfect place to enjoy the lighter side of life, San Antonio will brighten anyone's holiday!

Things to do: Nightlife

The nightlife in San Antonio is what everyone comes for. Your San Antonio holidays just aren't complete until you have visited one of the famous nightclubs in this popular party town. In a town that doesn't wake until the sun goes down, there's never a dull moment as the lights of clubs and bars light up the night sky. Make sure you pencil in a night out in Ibiza Town to complete your holiday.


Long, white beaches stretch along the outer perimeter of the island of Ibiza. The beautiful waters of the Mediterranean Sea break upon the rocky cliffs that protect the shores. Majestic pines and ancient olive groves scent the air to give Ibiza a unique atmosphere.

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