San Antonio Bay Holidays

San Antonio Bay


Just south of San Antonio lies the sleepy hollow of San Antonio Bay. A welcome respite for party goers who need a quiet place to recuperate, San Antonio Bay holidays offer quiet relief from the wild atmosphere of nearby Sant Antonio. The beaches surrounding San Antonio Bay are popular among tourists on Ibiza holidays with their families, and are often filled with tourists throughout the entire summer.

Balearics holidays in general, and holidays to San Antonio Bay in particular, are all about letting your hair down for a week or two and enjoying life. Home to the island's maritime museum, San Antonio Bay caters to tourists from around the world with some of the finest hotels in Ibiza, and gourmet dining to suit every taste!


Beautiful sunny shores await you on holidays in San Antonio Bay. With moderate temperatures around 30° Celsius in the summer, and lows of approximately 15° Celsius during the winter season, you can take your San Antonio Bay holidays any time it suits you. Come prepared to relax and top up that tan, you'll be going home sunkissed and relaxed!

Jan - 13ºC
Feb - 15ºC
Mar - 16ºC
Apr - 18ºC
May - 21ºC
Jun - 24ºC
Jul - 27ºC
Aug - 27ºC
Sep - 25ºC
Oct - 20ºC
Nov - 16ºC
Dec - 13ºC

Things To Do on Holidays

Though not quite like the crazy party atmosphere of nearby Sant Antonio, San Antonio Bay holidays are renowned for the plethora of things to do for both single travellers and families alike. The island's maritime museum offers a delightful view into the seafaring history of the island, and is flanked by a beautiful windmill on a nearby cliff - an ideal spot for a few family holiday pictures.

There is shopping galore on holidays to San Antonio Bay that will satisfy even the pickiest of shoppers, and the local restaurants offer a wide variety of gourmet delicacies for your palette. For those who fancy sports, the beautiful, warm waters of the Mediterranean Sea offer the perfect backdrop for watersports of all kinds. Long, sandy beaches attract thousands of tourists each year, perfect for chilling out and relaxing in the sun!

Things to do: Culture

Catering to tourists from around the world, San Antonio Bay holidays afford you the chance to experience a rich and diverse culture that is evident as soon as you step out on the street. Taking a stroll down the shore and you will hear the laughter of children, the exuberance of youthful frivolity, and the calls of local merchants selling all manner of locally crafted wares.

Things to do: Nightlife

Though quieter than its neighbour, San Antonio, San Antonio Bay holidays have no shortage of clubs and bars to keep you entertained at night. Dance the night away at one of the many clubs, or enjoy a quiet drink at a seaside bar while the sun sets over the distant horizon. Either way, you'll not want to miss the opportunity to see the rising sun, which has provided inspiration to artists throughout the ages.


You won't find a more beautiful place on Ibiza than the town of San Antonio Bay. Overlooking beautiful white beaches, San Antonio Bay is surrounded by steep rock cliffs, fragrant olive trees and the crystal blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea. Ibiza has been the home of famous artists throughout the ages looking for inspiration. and has provided the backdrop for many cinematic features.

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