Meet our latest perk: FREE helicopter transfers in NYC!

Guess who’s trading sandcastles for skyscrapers? Kidding. Well, sort of. In case you’ve had your head in the sand, we recently started selling holidays to New York. Don’t worry, we’re not giving up on beaches – we just couldn’t resist a slice of the Big Apple. Because, yeah, we know there are no beaches there, but you know what is there? The Empire State Building (all 381 metres of it), the backdrop for every good rom-com, and unapologetically heaping plates of top-notch grub. Well, we’re about to make your trip EVEN MORE special by throwing in a transfer that’ll get you from the airport to your hotel in a flash, and in style. Our ITV bestie Alison Hammond was the first to try out our new perk, and she was all over it babes. Let’s just say…yellow cabs are out, helicopters are in 🚁😎

Our New York holidays have gone down a treat since we launched them, so we’re absolutely buzzing to share that if you’re travelling as a pair for 7 nights or more, we’re throwing in the ultimate bucketlist transfer: a helicopter ride which we’re giving to you lovely lot for FREE (we’re nice like that). And it means that instead of an hour-long cab ride (at least), you’ll be at your hotel in closer to 4 minutes. With some cracking views while you’re at it…

Here’s what Alison had to say about the whole shebang:

“What a way to travel into New York, and what a way to see the city as you arrive. It took just four minutes from the airport to the city – usually I’m stuck in Manhattan traffic for hours. Talk about a perk, no one else offers this level of service!

Oh, Alison. Stop it, you’re making us blush.

What’s it all about?

If you’re ready to seriously level-up your New York jolly and see the city from new heights, you can read the full terms, conditions and all that jazz on how to get your hands on this mega perk below:


1. This promotion is offered by On the Beach Limited, whose registered office is 5 Adair Street, Manchester, M1 2NQ (“OTB”). By participating in the promotion, you shall be deemed to have accepted these terms and conditions.


2. If you make a Qualifying Booking (see below), all passengers named on that booking will receive a one-way helicopter transfer from JFK or Newark airport (as applicable) to Manhattan (the “Helicopter Transfer”).

3. Qualifying Booking means a booking which meets all of the following requirements:

• Order must be for a package holiday to New York for at least 2 passengers that includes flights and 5* accommodation (as rated on the OTB website) with a minimum stay of 7 nights

• Order must be for no more than 6 passengers

• Order must be placed between 7 November 2023 and 21 December 2023

• Departure must be before 31 October 2024

• The Helicopter Transfer is during the Operating Hours (see below)

• Order must be fully paid and remain active

4. If you make a Qualifying Booking, we’ll contact you before your holiday to let you know the next steps.

5. The Helicopter Transfer is non-transferable and non-exchangeable and no cash equivalent will be given by OTB if you choose not to use it.

Supplier Terms and Conditions

6. The supplier of the Helicopter Transfer will be BLADE Urban Air Mobility, Inc., (“Blade”).

7. Although OTB will pay for the Helicopter Transfer on your behalf, your contract will be with Blade and it is your responsibility to comply with their terms so please read these carefully before you fly.

8. OTB will not be liable and you will not be entitled to any Compensation where Blade has refused access to the Helicopter Transfer or removed you from the aircraft because you have not complied with their terms.

Operating Hours

9. Blade are only able to provide the Helicopter Transfers during their operating hours between:

• 7am and 8pm Monday to Friday

• 3pm – 7pm on Sunday the “Operating Hours”.

10. If your flight to New York is scheduled to arrive at a time which means you wouldn’t be able to take the Helicopter Transfer during the Operating Hours, or is scheduled to arrive on a Saturday, then you will not be eligible for the promotion and we will contact you to let you know if this is the case.

The Helicopter Transfer

11. The Helicopter Transfer will take you from your New York City airport to a helipad in Manhattan. A car (provided by Blade) will then take you from the helipad in Manhattan to your hotel.

12. You are required to arrive for your Helicopter Transfer at least 15 minutes before the scheduled departure time. It is your responsibility to make sure you arrive in time for your Helicopter Transfer. OTB will not be liable (and you will not be entitled to any Compensation) if you miss your Helicopter Transfer because you are late and you will then have to arrange your own transport to your hotel.

13. You are responsible for any additional charges payable to Blade in accordance with their terms such as late departure fees or damage fees.

14. As helicopters have a maximum weight capacity, we will need to provide Blade with your weight (and the weight for everyone on your booking) to help them with the balance of the aircraft so we will request this from you before you fly.

  Delays and Cancellations

15. If your Helicopter Transfer is delayed or cancelled Blade will let you know this by contacting you on the telephone number you provide to us when you make your Qualifying Booking.

16. If:

• your Helicopter Transfer is cancelled (for example because of bad weather); or

• your flight to New York is delayed and Blade are unable to get you on a later Helicopter Transfer (because it is outside their Operating Hours, or for any other reason)

then Blade will provide a car to drive you from your New York City airport to your hotel at no cost to you. In these circumstances, we will try and book you a helicopter transfer for your journey back from Manhattan to JFK or Newark airport (as applicable) instead. If we are unable to do this, you will be entitled to Compensation (see below).


17. The luggage allowance for the Helicopter Transfer is:

• one standard size cabin bag (60cm x 45cm x 25cm); and

• one small handbag (purse or briefcase) together weighing up to 11kg (the “Standard Luggage”).

18. If you will have extra luggage above the Standard Luggage, or if your Standard Luggage weighs more than 11kg, then you’ll need to let Blade know either by emailing or calling them on +33 9 78 46 00 09 at least 24 hours before your Helicopter Transfer. Anything above the Standard Luggage will not be able to go with you on the helicopter, this will be taken to your hotel for you by Blade’s partner ToteTaxi at no additional cost to you.

19. OTB will not be liable (and you will not be entitled to any Compensation) if you are unable to board your Helicopter Transfer because your luggage is above the Standard Luggage and you did not notify Blade of this in advance.

20. OTB will not be liable to you for any lost, damaged or delayed baggage in connection with the Helicopter Transfer.


21. If you make a Qualifying Booking and:

• the Helicopter Transfer is cancelled and we are unable to book you a helicopter transfer for your journey back from Manhattan to JFK or Newark airport (as applicable); or

• your flight to New York is delayed and Blade are unable to provide an alternative Helicopter Transfer and we are unable to book you a helicopter transfer for your journey back from Manhattan to JFK or Newark airport (as applicable); or

• Blade change their Operating Hours which mean you will no longer be able to take the Helicopter Transfer;

then we will provide each affected passenger aged 2 and over with a cash alternative of £100 per passenger (“Compensation”).

You will not be entitled to any Compensation where:

• it says so in these terms and conditions; or

• if you make an amendment to your Qualifying Booking which means that your booking is no longer a Qualifying Booking or that the Helicopter Transfer would be outside the Operating Hours.


22. Nothing in these terms shall exclude or limit the liability of OTB (i) in relation to personal injury or death caused by OTB’s negligence or (ii) in respect of its obligations under applicable law.

23. The personal data you provide will be processed in accordance with OTB’s privacy policy: OTB will use the personal information provided by you for the purposes of administering the promotion (and such use will include transferring personal information to Blade).

24. OTB’s standard booking conditions apply to bookings, please refer to and the other terms and conditions displayed when making your booking.

Itching for a holiday? We tend to have that effect on people. Do yourself a favour and get your 2024 jolly in the diary.

Written on 6th November 2023 by

Charlotte Rhodes

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