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Things to do in Bulgaria

Things to do

Ever thought of Bulgaria as your next travel hotspot? No? Well, you're in for a treat! This gem is more than just a land of yoghurt and rose oil (although we love both). It’s where history high-fives nature, beaches party harder than spring-breakers, and the mountains are...well, just showing off tbh. Whether you’re wrangling the whole fam, jetting off as a duo, or rallying the squad - we’ve got a cheeky guide that’ll make you wonder why Bulgaria wasn’t on your bucketlist sooner. Let's dive in, shall we?

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Things to do in Bulgaria for families...

  1. Varna Dolphinarium: Show the kids dolphins can jump higher than they can on a trampoline. Hands-down, guaranteed squeals and giggles.

  2. Rila Monastery: It's like Hogwarts but Bulgarian style! Plus, the mountains. Oh, the mountains.

  3. Khan’s Tent in Sunny Beach: A circus-themed restaurant? With views? It's practically a family theme park but with food.

  4. Sand Sculpture Festival in Burgas: Forget sand castles, we’re talking sand skyscrapers.

  5. Happy Bar & Grill in Sofia: The perfect munch stop. Because the name says it all, and the kids will be... well, happy!

Things to do in Bulgaria for couples...

  1. Sozopol's Old Town: Stroll hand-in-hand, pretending you're in some old romantic movie. Just watch for the cobblestones.

  2. Plovdiv's Roman amphitheatre: Whisper sweet nothings...in Latin. Or just enjoy the view.

  3. Nessebar's UNESCO-listed old town: It's like Venice, but with fewer canals and more affordability.

  4. Seven Rila Lakes: Hike and discover why seven is indeed a magic number.

  5. The Happy Viking in Varna: Because nothing says 'romance' like sharing a giant Viking burger.

Things to do in Bulgaria for groups...

  1. Nightlife in Sunny Beach: It’s Sunny. It’s a Beach. It’s an all-night party. Need we say more?

  2. Koprivshtitsa Folk Festival: Where you and the squad can folk it out, Bulgarian style!

  3. Pamporovo: Ski, fall, laugh, repeat.

  4. Belogradchik Rocks: Rock climbing, or just acting like you did by posing with them.

  5. Made in Home in Sofia: If your gang is a mixed bag of foodies, vegans, and "I eat anything" mates, this place has you covered!

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