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Cadiz Holidays

Cadiz Holidays

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Allegedly Western Europe’s oldest city, Cadiz can be found on the edge of south-western Spain. This almost-island is surrounded by sea on all sides and only connects to the mainland by a road running parallel to a 4km golden stretch of sandy beach. With a whole city of culture and a handful of beaches to choose from, it’s the ideal blend of culture dosage and beach break.

Situated on the stretch of shoreline known as Costa de la Luz – or “coast of light” – bright blue skies and seas can be expected throughout most of the year. Playa de La Caleta may be Cadiz’s smallest beach, but is likely the most popular with locals and tourists alike. What’s more, it served as a setting for the 2002 Bond Film Die Another Day, so you can lounge on the beach 007-style. Another small but secluded spot is Playa de Santa Maria del Mar in the north, while Playa de la Cortadua stretches close to 4,000m to the south of the city.

Food & Drink
Fried fish joints down cobbled streets, vibrant food markets and taverns serving tapas offer a full gastronomic journey of what this region has to offer. Expect the delicacies of Chicharrones de Cadiz (otherwise known as slow-roasted pork belly), shrimp fritters, local cheeses and an abundance of wonderfully prepared seafood. When it comes to drink, locally produced wine and sherry triumph in Cadiz. Sourced in the local province, the Manzanilla sherry is a must-try whether you’re a wine connoisseur or simply partial to a sip or two.

Rich local culture is discoverable throughout this small city. Moorish influence blends with Roman history and is evident in the city’s architecture, art and cuisine. Here, southern Spain’s signature laidback style is interspersed with wild Flamenco, sweeping bay views and the golden-topped dome of Cadiz cathedral. There are also plenty of castle ruins to be marvelled at throughout. Meanwhile, during two weeks of Cadiz Carnival in February, the city transforms into a colourful celebration of music and humour.

Seeing as the city is encircled by the sea, it’s no surprise that most of Cadiz’s nightlife congregates on its beaches. Particularly during the summer season, barbeques and beach bars line the shores, providing the ideal spot for a chilled out drink along with a spectacular sunset to round off the day. Meanwhile, the bustling atmosphere of the old town plays host to plenty of bars and clubs, playing eclectic music and open until the early hours.

Important Information
Flight Time: 3 hours
Time Difference: +1hr
Currency: Euro
Official Language: Spanish

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Cadiz Weather

Cadiz enjoys a mild and temperate Mediterranean climate. The best time to explore the city and make the most of its beaches is during the summer, when the climate is dry and temperatures reach the high 20s (°C). Rarely reaching sweltering highs, temperatures stay warm and comfortable throughout high season, ideal for both beach lounging and urban exploration.

Jan 13ºC
Feb 14ºC
Mar 16ºC
Apr 18ºC
May 22ºC
Jun 23ºC
Jul 26ºC
Aug 26ºC
Sep 24ºC
Oct 21ºC
Nov 17ºC
Dec 14ºC

Things To Do on Cadiz Holidays

Torre Tavira
This observation tower is the highest point of the old town and lets you enjoy panoramic views of the city from 45m up. It was originally used as a watchtower for spotting ships in the 1700s, and is named after the first watchman of the port, Antonio de Tavira. The tower also boasts the Camera Obscura and exhibition rooms, offering an informative insight into the history of Cadiz through a moving projection of the scenes outside.

Live Flamenco performance
For an authentic cultural experience and a night to remember, we recommend heading to La Cava Taberna Flamenca. Here, you can enjoy delicious local food with a spectacle of passionate Spanish guitar and dancing. There is no better way to uniquely immerse yourself into the Andalusian culture. Just remember to book tickets in advance!

Castle of San Sebastián
Located on its own islet, this fortified castle sits at the edge of La Caleta Beach. The World Heritage site was built in the 18th century and hosts a Moorish lighthouse built 200 years later. It has its place in both classical tradition as the Temple of Kronos, and modern day as a venue for exhibitions, concerts and even the setting of several films.

Genovés Park
The scenic Genovés Park lies on Cadiz’s northern tip and provides a lush respite from the city and seascapes. Exotic and beautifully landscaped trees line the walkway, while various species of plants can be spotted from every corner. Be sure to reach the lake, which features dinosaur statues with a backdrop of a bridge and cascading waterfalls. If you’re visiting at the right time, you can even catch a live concert in one of the park’s garden areas.