Olu Deniz Hotels

Like many of the other resorts in Turkey, those who are on holidays come to Olu Deniz because of the beautiful beach and clear blue waters. But what makes Olu Deniz different is the fact that not only is it a beach but it is also in an important conservation area.

This beautiful lagoon stays the way it is because new developments are controlled and those visitors who wish to enter the lagoon have to pay a small fee. But once you are in the area of the blue lagoon, you almost feel like you are in paradise itself. The area is geared specially towards children, but everyone who visits will love the pedaloes, the shaded areas, the cafes and the showers that are offered there.

When you cross over the sand bar, you see Belaekiz beach. The pine clad mountains in the background combined with a stretch of sand and pebbles shaped like a crescent is simply breathtaking. The unrestricted seafront is filled with restaurants, bars and shops, and is a popular spot for the younger crowd.

Hotels in Olu Deniz

There are plenty of hotels in Olu Deniz, we can find a hotel that will suit your needs and your budget. The two main types of hotels in Olu Deniz are bed and breakfast and all inclusive, although there are half board hotels also available in the area.

It's a good idea to figure out what your itinerary will be before choosing a certain type of hotel. Do you plan to only go to the hotel to relax, or will you be spending most of the day out and about the region on excursions? Remember that there is a fee to go to the lagoon, and therefore to get to the shops and restaurants. If you just want to sit back and relax then we recommend that you book into an all inclusive hotel in Olu Deniz where you'll be treated like royalty!

If you believe that you will be gone for lunch but back for dinner, then the half board is a good option for you. If you are on a tight budget but would really like to experience Olu Deniz then the best option is to stay in self catering accommodation where you can cook for yourself, saving the expense of easting out.

We are proud of the choice of accommodation available in Olu Deniz here at On The Beach. We're sure that no matter what you want, be that a cheap self catered apartment or luxury all inclusive hotel, you'll find it all here. Book today to get the best deals anywhere!