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Hotel Highlights

  • Espresso machine in every room for your caffeine fix

  • Food for every mood - from the brasserie next door to the KFC up the road

  • FREE Wi-Fi - permission to flood your feed with holiday snaps, granted


  • You're just a speedy 7-minute walk from the iconic Red Light District

  • Just a breezy 15-minute stroll from the Anne Frank House

  • Van Gogh Museum? Either rock a 30-min walk, hop in a cab for 15 mins, or go full Dutch with a 9-min bike pedal

  • For jetting in and out, you're a 25-minute drive from Schiphol Amsterdam Airport


  • Take your pick from Single Rooms if you're ridin' solo (Jason Derulo style), Comfort Rooms for 10/10 cosy vibes, or Superior or Family Rooms if you prefer a bit more space

  • Each comes with…

    • Climate control to keep you cool and toasty

    • High-speed Wi-Fi for all those Insta stories

    • Hairdryer because there's no such thing as a bad hair day here

    • Electronic safe for all your goodies

    • Flat-screen TV for all that binge-watching

    • Espresso machine and tea facilities, so you're never short of a good brew

    • Soundproof windows - AKA, a guaranteed good night's kip

Food & Drink

  • Brasserie De Roode Leeuw - this place is right next door, and it serves everything from breakfast spreads to sandwiches at lunch and a delish menu of bangin' burgers and cheeky chicken satay at night.

  • Get your fast food fix - picky-eaters, rejoice. You're in safe hands here. There's a McDonald's right next door and a KFC up the road, so you're well sorted.

Sports & Entertainment

  • FREE Wi-Fi - because what's a city break without it, honestly?

  • Amsterdam at your fingertips - you're smack dab in the middle of it all here. You've got your base, now go get your tourist on.


  • Air Conditioning
  • Buffet Breakfast

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