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Health and Safety: Personal Safety

personal safety

A beach break is the perfect chance to let your hair down, but taking steps to keep yourself safe while you’re having fun is just as important on holiday as it is at home. Whilst you can’t foresee everything, you’ll thank yourself for being prepared should something go wrong. Read on for our tips on how to become your own personal safety guardian angel.

Out and about

  • Keep your valuables, including bags, phones and wallets, close at all times. Ensure bags and pockets are zipped shut if possible.

  • Avoid wearing a lot of expensive-looking jewellery or carrying large amounts of money.

  • Keep to well-lit areas and paths, and if possible don’t walk home alone.

  • Out with your family or mates? Look after each other and keep in contact.

  • Be cautious about going anywhere with a person you’ve only just met, and don’t tell strangers where you’re staying or let them into your hotel, villa or apartment.

  • Never get into an unlicensed taxi. Where possible, share a taxi ride with a friend.

  • Identify the fire exits in busy buildings like bars or clubs. In the event of an incident, be sure to follow all emergency instructions.

  • If you feel uncomfortable or threatened, make people around you aware by shouting to draw attention to your situation.

  • In the unlikely event that you’re the victim of a crime, report it to the local police immediately. Notify your travel provider as soon as possible too.

  • Only book excursions and activities through reputable vendors.

  • Safety on the beach

    Alcohol and drugs

    Please note that the risk of accident or injury can be increased with alcohol consumption or drug use, and may cause your travel insurance to be considered invalid.

    Don’t leave your drinks unattended and never accept a drink from a stranger.

    Get a cheaper round in – drink water regularly as alcohol can dehydrate you.

    Stay away from recreational drugs, as they’re dangerous and highly likely to be against the law in the country you’re visiting.

    Security incident

    In the event of a security incident:

    Run - Get to safety. If this isn't possible then...

    Hide -Stay hidden, and make sure your phone is set to silent rather than vibrate. If you can, barricade yourself in.

    Tell - Call the police when it's safe to do so.