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Health and Safety: Food and Drink

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If you’re anything like us, holidays are all about the food. Whether you’re an adventurous eater or a creature of habit, treating yourself to mouth-watering mains and delicious desserts is a must. When it comes to food and drink safety, the rules abroad are much the same as they are at home – be sensible and tuck in!

Food safety

  • Avoid uncooked food, except for fruit and vegetables. Make sure all food is cooked through and still hot when served.

  • Ask for information on meal ingredients if you have any allergies or intolerances.

  • Take care when using Self Catering kitchen facilities, or handling hot plates.

Drink safety

  • Drink bottled water if appropriate and avoid having ice in drinks.

  • Stay hydrated in hot temperatures.

  • Drink alcohol in moderation. Keep in mind that alcohol measures abroad may be larger than in the UK.

Food and drink safety on holiday


In the unlikely event that you fall ill while you’re on holiday, make sure that you get medical assistance immediately, contact reception at your accommodation and get in touch with us for further help.

Fraudulent claims

A small minority of UK holidaymakers have been falsely claiming that they’ve been ill on holiday in order to claim compensation. This is a crime with increasingly severe consequences. At On the Beach we treat every case of reported illness seriously, so it’s really important that you are honest when telling us about any issues, so that we can get you the help you need.