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Health and Safety: Accommodation

health and safety accommodation

You’re here! After all that planning, counting down and travelling, you’ve finally arrived at your holiday accommodation. The beach is calling you, but before you rush off to explore, keep these health and safety tips in mind from check in to check out.

Be aware, stay safe and rest easy

  • Follow the safety advice provided by your hotel, apartment or villa. If you notice any hazards or defective equipment and report them to reception as soon as possible.

  • If available, use a safety deposit box for your cash, travel documents, passports, jewellery and other valuables.

  • Keep your door locked, even when you’re inside, and don’t leave windows or patio doors open.

  • Take care in bright sunlight, as it might be hard to tell whether glass windows and patio doors are open or closed.

  • Never leave children unsupervised. Be extra watchful if your accommodation includes a balcony, and keep any balcony furniture away from the edge of the railings.

  • Don’t lean over, sit on or climb the balcony wall or railings. Don’t pass things between balconies or try to climb from one balcony to another. Never jump from a balcony into a swimming pool.

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    Fire safety

    If a fire occurs:

    • Get out immediately. Don’t stop to grab your personal belongings and use the escape route that’s nearest to you
    • Close doors behind you
    • Raise the alarm
    • In the unlikely event that you can’t leave your room, close all doors, put wet towels or clothes around the door seals, telephone reception and shout for help from the window